18 Most Common Reasons Why People Go to Therapists

Therapy has been all the rage for the past couple of years, but is there any truth in it? Let’s find out. In this article, we look at the most common reasons people choose to part with their hard-earned money to pay for a therapist.

Being Really Scared of Something

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Intense fears or phobias can limit a person’s life and experiences. Going to therapy can help individuals face and understand their fears and gradually reduce the power of these fears over them. The Priory Group recommends therapy as a means of dealing with phobias, so it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Feeling Very Sad

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Being very sad for a long time is another big reason why people talk to therapists. It is normal to be sad every once in a while, but once it becomes a common occurrence, professional help might be needed. Speaking to someone might not make your problems go away, but it can help you see things from a new perspective.

Problems with Friends or Family

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When getting along with friends or family is hard, talking to someone can help. One can choose to do this alone or go along with whomever they are having problems with. The therapist can help them see a way forward without hurting one another.

Feeling Very Worried or Nervous

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Sometimes, people feel so worried or nervous that it’s hard for them to live their lives happily. According to Mind, some of the common causes of worrying include past experiences, current situations, and drugs. Looking at all these factors, it is clear that talking to someone about them would be of great help.

Feeling Really Sad Because of a Loss

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Losing someone you love or something important can make you feel lost, but you don’t have to deal with it alone. A therapist can help you work through this difficult period by helping you focus on the good things that came out of the relationship rather than the loss.

Bad Memories or Nightmares

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If you are constantly having nightmares, it might be a sign of something more serious in the real world. There are therapists who specialize in sleep, but even a general therapist can help someone get to the root cause of their sleep problems.

Not Liking Yourself

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Not feeling good about yourself makes everything harder, but talking about it can help. In many cases, the reason we are not in love with ourselves comes from others and not within. Speaking to someone else can help you discover the magic that lives within you and teach you to appreciate it more.

Big Changes in Life

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Big changes, even if they’re supposed to be good, can feel scary or hard. It is a brave thing to choose to walk away from what you know and opt for the unknown. Getting some encouragement from someone else can lift some of this burden, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Can’t Stop Doing Something, Even If It’s Bad for You

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If you can’t stop doing something that’s bad for you, like drinking too much or eating too little, a therapist is not only a good choice but very necessary. This is because most of these behaviors have negative effects, some of which could destroy your life forever.

Eating Too Much or Too Little

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For many reasons, one may start to look at food differently. People who eat too little see food as the enemy that is stopping their body goals, while those who eat too much seek comfort in it. Whatever the case, professional help is needed as soon as possible.

Family Fights

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Families fight for many reasons, including finances, bad habits, and more. This fighting can make the home feel stressful instead of safe, especially for the younger members who can’t protect themselves.

Getting Really Angry

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Getting really angry for no particular reason damages your friendships and negatively affects how you see yourself. It’s important to understand the triggers that lead to such intense anger. A therapist can help people with anger issues before they do something they might regret.

Not Happy at Work

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Many people go to therapy because they’re unhappy at work. This unhappiness can drain their energy and make every day feel like a struggle. Therapy can provide a space to explore what they truly want from their careers and develop strategies to find more fulfillment and a better work-life balance.

Being Scared of Getting Sick

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Hypochondria, defined by the Mayo Clinic as the fear of getting sick, can become overwhelming. This constant worry can interfere with the ability to enjoy life and maintain peace of mind. In therapy, individuals can work on managing their anxiety, understanding the root of their fears, and finding ways to live more comfortably with uncertainty.

Doing Things Over and Over Again

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Doing the same thing over and over again, even if you don’t want to, can be really frustrating. People may seek therapy to understand why they’re stuck in these loops and to learn how to break free. Therapy can offer insight into the issue and provide practical solutions to the problem.

Trouble Sleeping

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Chronic sleep issues not only affect physical health but also emotional well-being. Many turn to therapy to address the root causes of their insomnia, such as stress, anxiety, or lifestyle habits. The Sleep Foundation states multiple effects of inadequate sleep, so this is a problem best dealt with immediately.

Worrying About Sex

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Concerns about sexual intimacy, performance, or orientation lead to feelings of isolation and distress. Therapy offers a private and supportive environment to explore these worries. It can also help in improving communication with partners and help one work towards a healthier sexual self-image.

Hard Time Being a Parent

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Being a parent is tough, and it is easy to feel like you are not doing it right. This can make someone feel inadequate, stressed, or disconnected from their children. Parents can choose to attend therapy alone or with their children, but either way, it can greatly improve family dynamics.

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