18 Most Popular Cat Breeds to Get Adopted

There are over 70 breeds of cats. Some are more famous than others, with the instantly recognizable Sphynx and Maine Coon being popular picks for pet owners worldwide. These 18 cats are among the most popular choices when owners look for a new feline addition to the family.


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Known for their long, luxurious coats, flat faces, and sweet personalities, Persian cats are ideal for families and individuals looking for an affectionate and calm pet. The Spruce Pets notes, “Persians are featured in many movies, artworks, and commercials and have been one of the most popular breeds of cats for decades.”


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This blue-eyed breed is named for its tendency to go limp when picked up, a sign of its easygoing temperament. With semi-long fur that requires a moderate amount of grooming, the Ragdoll is known for being “dog-like” and relaxed with other pets.


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Bengal cats are known for their wild, leopard-like markings and active, playful nature. This breed is also curious and intelligent. Their high energy and stimulation needs make them a good fit for active families. GCCF Cats writes that “Bengals are now one of the most popular short haired breeds,” despite being a relatively new breed.

British Shorthair

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The British Shorthair has a stocky build and is often described as teddy bear-like. Known for their calm demeanor, loyalty, and orange eyes, this breed will follow their owners around the house. Their dense, plush coat is low maintenance, making them a good pet for busy families and individuals.

Scottish Fold

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The Scottish Fold’s unique folded ears give them an endearing, owl-like appearance. This breed possesses an affectionate and gentle nature, enjoying playing with their families. Their unique ears require regular checks to prevent infection, so owners must keep an eye on them.


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Instantly recognizable for their lack of hair and wrinkled skin, the Sphynx is a Canadian breed known for its extroversion. Extremely affectionate and sociable, this breed thrives on human interaction. They require regular bathing to remove oil buildup on their skin, making them suitable for owners with a work-life balance. Purina notes that the Sphynx is “one of the most popular hairless cat breeds.”


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Originating in Ethiopia, this breed has a unique “ticked” coat, slender bodies, and large ears. Highly active and playful, the Abyssinian has a dog-like personality and loves to explore its surroundings. This cat is perfect for owners who enjoy playing fetch with their pets.

Russian Blue

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The Russian Blue boasts a striking blue-gray coat and green eyes. While this breed is shy around strangers, they are affectionate and loyal to their families. Hill’s notes that this cat may be a good choice for owners with allergies because it “doesn’t shed much and produces lower levels of the glycoprotein Fel d 1, a known allergen, than other cat breeds.”

American Shorthair

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The Cat Fanciers’ Association claimed the American Shorthair was the eighth most popular pedigree cat in 2020. Prized for being adaptable and versatile, this breed fits into various households and is moderately active.

Norwegian Forest Cat

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This landrace breed is suited to cold climates, with long fur and an undercoat for insulation. Friendly and playful, the Norwegian Forest Cat is adept at climbing due to its long claws, making it a perfect addition to a family with a large backyard.


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Burmese cats originate in Myanmar and are known for their compact size, expressive gold eyes, and silky coats. This breed is highly people-oriented and maintains a playful nature into adulthood, so they are suited to owners who can spend plenty of time at home.


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The Siamese originates in Thailand and is recognizable by their striking blue almond-shaped eyes and sleek, color-pointed coats. Daily Paws praised Siamese as “social, affectionate, clever animals who make loving and loyal pets.” Highly vocal and friendly, the Siamese craves interaction and companionship, making them suitable for families that can provide plenty of engagement.

Oriental Shorthair

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This cat is closely related to the Siamese cat and has a sleek, slender body with a triangle-shaped head and large ears. Highly vocal and intelligent, the Oriental forms close bonds with its families and needs ample social interaction with its owners to prevent loneliness.

Devon Rex

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The Devon Rex is an English breed known for its large ears, slender body, and wavy coat. This cat is often described as “puppy-like,” being affectionate and playful with their families. Their unique coat doesn’t shed much, but it will require some grooming.

Maine Coon

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This muscular breed is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds and is prized for its intelligence and friendly nature. Zooplus argues that the Maine Coon is one of the most popular breeds “due to its majestic appearance, robust nature and great character.” The Maine Coon is great with children and other pets, making them ideal family companions.


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A cross between Persian and Siamese, the Himalayan features the long fur of the Persian and the blue eyes of the Siamese. Its personality is also a mix, with the Persian’s calm demeanor but with some of the Siamese’s playfulness, making it an excellent cat for a wide range of owners.

Exotic Shorthair

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This flat-faced breed is often referred to as the short-haired version of the Persian, with a similar appearance. Friendly and calm, they are affectionate with their owners but are generally more active than Persians. Their short coat also requires less grooming, making them a lower-maintenance option for owners.


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This rare French breed is known for its robust health, short, muscular body, and lightning-fast reflexes. Quiet and gentle, the Chartreux require little maintenance when it comes to grooming, making them suitable for various households and owners.

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