18 Mouthwatering American Foods That Make Foreigners Drool

Those of us who grew up in the U.S. can find ourselves taking our delicious range of classically American foods for granted. But when people come to visit, there are certain dishes that ignite a newfound obsession with our cuisine. This list uncovers 18 mouthwatering American foods that make foreigners hungry for more.

Classic Cheeseburger

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Burgers can be found all over the world, but we think no one does it quite like ‘Murica. Our classic cheeseburgers are a distinctive symbol of American cuisine, with some of the juiciest patties, generous toppings, and gooiest cheeses you’ll find anywhere on Earth.

New York-Style Pizza

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As its name suggests, New York-style pizza originated in the Big Apple and is a prevalent street food in New York City. With a diverse range of toppings, rich tomato sauce, and an (un)healthy dose of mozzarella cheese, it’s no wonder this delicious pizza is one of the most popular styles in the world.

Southern Fried Chicken

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Did you know that KFC is by far the most popular fast-food chain in China? What’s more, in Japan, families commonly sit down together to enjoy a hearty meal of KFC for Christmas dinner. And who can blame them? Southern fried chicken has the perfect blend of crispiness, tenderness, and delicious seasoning, making it a highly sought-after dish all over the world.

Tex-Mex Cuisine

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Tex-Mex food is a mouthwatering fusion of classic American and Mexican flavors, often featuring foods such as nachos, fajitas, and burritos. The bold, spicy taste of chili peppers, cheese, cumin, and other spices draws in food enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

Barbecue Ribs

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Barbecue ribs are slow-cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor, so it’s no surprise that many foreigners seek out this wonderful dish as soon as they step foot in America. Ribs are also often paired with many flavorful sides, such as cornbread and baked beans.

New England Clam Chowder

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Foreigners love the creamy charm of New England clam chowder just as much as the locals do. This creamy soup is full of hearty clams, potatoes, and onions, showcasing some of the best flavors the northeastern coast has to offer. New England clam chowder is especially luxurious when served in a bread bowl with fresh, local seafood.

Bagels and Lox

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According to Smithsonian Magazine, lox actually originated in Scandinavia, thanks to local fishermen who preserved salmon in saltwater brine. But the combination of bagels and lox is a distinctive American creation that was first popularized by Jewish people residing in New York.

Buffalo Wings

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Contrary to what foreigners may be led to believe, buffalo wings are not actually made from buffalo meat. This delicious dish was born in Buffalo, New York, and has since become popular all over the world for its spicy, tangy sauce and irresistibly crispy texture.


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S’mores are a classic campfire treat traditionally made with chocolate, roasted marshmallows, and graham crackers. However, camping enthusiasts have been known to come up with many different variations that may include caramel, Rice Krispies, or even bacon. So no matter what your palette is like, you’re sure to find a mouthwatering combination that leaves you wanting s’more!

Key Lime Pie

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Key lime pie originated in the Florida Keys and made use of local key limes to create its distinctive zesty flavor. Since its creation, it has become a popular dessert in many parts of the world and is celebrated for its enticing combination of tart and creamy flavors.

Lobster Roll

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Lobster rolls are a New England classic consisting of luxurious lobster meat on a buttered, toasted roll. Coastal regions of America love to enjoy this dish during the summertime with a nice dollop of mayonnaise, lemon butter, or other dressing options.


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Cornbread is a simple yet satisfying southern staple that reflects the South’s love for hearty comfort foods and communal dining. It can be served in a variety of forms and flavors, from sweet to savory. Foreigners also love cornbread for the a-maize-ing variety of side dishes, chilis, and barbecued meats that often come along with it.

Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza

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If you’ve never tried Chicago deep-dish pizza, you’re really missing out. This Chicago classic is defined by its generously thick crust filled with cheese, meat, vegetables, and a topping of sauce. As a hearty, one-of-a-kind pizza, this American meal is extremely popular among tourists visiting the U.S. for the first time.


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According to Britannica, while no one knows exactly how jambalaya came to be in its current form, it has likely been influenced by African, Spanish, and French settlers. But one thing’s for sure—this spectacular mishmash of cultures and flavors is sure to impress foreigners looking for bold flavors and hearty ingredients.

Apple Pie

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As noted by Mental Floss, apple pie is often called the iconic American dessert, representing our country’s prevailing sense of patriotism and tradition. This hearty pie is usually made with a flaky pastry crust and filled with sweetened apples seasoned with nutmeg and cinnamon.

Biscuits and Gravy

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Biscuits and gravy is a classic, comforting dish that perfectly encapsulates the simplicity and richness of southern cuisine, featuring soft biscuits and creamy sausage gravy. It is rooted in the region’s rural history and has since become a popular breakfast option for Americans and tourists alike.

Cobb Salad

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A Cobb salad is an American garden salad that usually features chicken, bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and hard-boiled eggs. This luxurious combination of ingredients first originated in Hollywood but is now commonly enjoyed by Americans and tourists throughout the U.S.


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Grits is a dish made from ground corn that was first popularized by Native Americans. Since then, it has been adapted by southerners to include a serving of butter, cheese, and seafood options. Many foreigners love grits for their versatility and contemporary appeal.

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