Nikki Haley blasts Trump PAC ad – ‘every single thing that he’s said has been a lie’

After Trump recently rocked the boat by insulting “High Tax Haley” in his latest super PAC ad, Haley is finally firing back with her own accusations.

Trump attacks Haley

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In Trump’s latest super PAC ad, he coined the nickname “High Tax Haley” for his Republican rival. The ad, which MAGA Inc. spent $3.4 million to air, aimed to win over New Hampshire voters by criticizing Haley’s alleged introduction of a gas tax hike when she was South Carolina governor.

Haley camp says Trump is scared

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The ad was well received by Haley supporters, who saw it as a sign of Trump’s fear of the former U.N. ambassador’s surging popularity. “Donald Trump’s false attack ad sends a loud and clear message: Nikki Haley is surging and Trump is scared,” said Haley spokesperson Olivia Perez-Cubas.

Haley breaks her silence

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However, Haley herself has remained rather quiet on the subject until now. In a Q&A with voters at Wentworth by the Sea, Haley broke her silence by telling the crowd, “I see the commercials that you see, and I’ve noticed that President Trump is giving me some attention.”

Trump’s ad is a lie, Haley says

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“And I appreciate that, because that means he sees what we’re seeing, but in his commercials and in his temper tantrums, every single thing that he’s said has been a lie,” she continued, marking the first time she had directly responded to the Trump campaign’s ad.

Haley takes the gloves off

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“So if he’s going to lie about me, I’m going to tell the truth about him,” Haley declared, sparking thunderous applause from the audience. The crowd’s warm reception of the former governor’s fiery side may confirm many commentators’ suspicions that a gloves-off approach is the best way to challenge Trump’s lead.

Trump’s hypocrisy exposed

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Addressing the audience, Haley set the record straight by stating that she had never raised her state’s gas tax. She also highlighted Trump’s hypocrisy, reminding voters that in 2018, the ex-president called for a 25-cent-per-gallon federal gas tax increase.

Haley slams Trump’s economy

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Haley then moved on to criticize Trump’s handling of the economy during his time as president. “It was great, but at what cost?” she asked. “You don’t go and pretend to have a good economy by putting us in debt.”

Trump rivals’ attacks fall short

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Several political commentators previously accused Haley of being too soft in her fight against Trump. Prominent Never Trump Republican Stuart Stevens recently told the Daily Beast that “it’s absurd” the ex-president’s rivals fail to point out the “91 counts of indictment” against Trump, among other easy blows.

Chris Christie agrees

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In his own super PAC ad, Chris Christie shared similar criticism of his fellow Republicans, stating that Haley and DeSantis are too focused on attacking each other rather than their main competitor.

Haley switches up her strategy

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However, Haley now appears to be ramping up her attacks against Trump. The former governor recently tweeted “Someone’s getting nervous” before the anti-Haley ad was released.

Haley hits harder

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She also hit back in her own super PAC ad, which stated that Trump is targeting Haley because he “knows Haley’s the only one who can beat him.” Her latest public address marks an escalation of this new offensive strategy.

More attacks on the horizon

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It is yet to be seen whether Haley’s direct attacks will have the desired effect on voters. However, we are almost certain to see more heated attacks fired from both sides as the battle for votes continues.


Photo Credit: Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock.

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