No One Wants to Pay These 18 US Cities a Second Visit

The U.S. has no shortage of amazing places to visit. Unfortunately, there are also a handful of cities that don’t make for attractive tourist destinations. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why no one wants to visit these 18 U.S. cities for a second time.

Detroit, Michigan

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Detroit, Michigan, has earned itself a poor reputation over the years. Its industrial decline has led to both high crime rates and urban decay. To make matters worse, there are limited attractions in the city, resulting in a failure to draw repeat visits.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

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According to Neighborhood Scout, Atlantic City has one of the highest crime rates in America, making it an unattractive place for a vacation. This, along with a run-down appearance and lackluster beaches compared to other coastal cities, makes Atlantic City somewhere to skip.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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New Orleans is famous for its party atmosphere, but tourists can also be overwhelmed by how intense it can get. Visitors cite a dirty and poorly maintained city environment, as well as safety concerns at night, as the major problems in the area.

Los Angeles, California

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The key to enjoying a visit to Los Angeles is to avoid traffic as much as possible. However, overcoming this infamous problem is difficult, and L.A. has a host of other issues that make visiting a pain. Overcrowding and high costs are big reasons for tourists to avoid this famous city.

San Francisco, California

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Elsewhere in California, the problem of homelessness is a major issue, and this has left a bad taste in the mouths of tourists. The safety concerns and uncleanliness stemming from this problem are some of the reasons cited by visitors when asked why they wouldn’t go back to San Francisco.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Feel like taking a trip to Sin City? You may want to think again if your wallet is feeling light. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the main complaint of visitors here is the prices. This is due to the commercial nature of Las Vegas, with the main strip being extremely popular with tourists and therefore pricey.

Miami, Florida

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Aside from safety concerns, especially at night, tourists also report aggressive panhandling and scams on the streets of Miami. The overpriced services and tourist attractions are also not ideal selling points for this coastal city. You better find another beach to vacation at!

Chicago, Illinois

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Found unappealing by many due to the cold weather, tourists tend not to rate Chicago too highly. The high costs of parking and city services, along with the very real concerns about violent crime, make this city one to think twice about before visiting.

Houston, Texas

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Houston is considered an unattractive city by many—it has a whole host of issues, according to the people who have vacationed here. Weather issues, such as the heat and humidity, make staying here uncomfortable, and the lack of zoning in the city creates an ugly urban sprawl.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Tourists cite issues with safety and underwhelming historical sites as reasons why they would never choose to visit Philadelphia again. The main problem, however, is made clear by the nickname Filthadelphia, as shared by ABC. This city has a major litter problem, and it’s turning away potential visitors.

Baltimore, Maryland

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Unfortunately, some Baltimore areas do indeed have notoriously high crime rates and a reputation for drug activity—just like television shows such as The Wire share. Limited family-friendly attractions also don’t help bring tourists into the city.

Reno, Nevada

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Seen as a lesser alternative to Las Vegas, Reno is often called boring due to its lack of significant attractions. Tourists also tend to call the city run-down and less vibrant when compared to Sin City. Perhaps Reno should pick another place to compete with!

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Not often considered a must-visit U.S. city, Cincinnati is in a state that has a reputation for being the most boring in America. The lack of major attractions in the city doesn’t help matters, either. Other complaints include concerns about general safety for visitors and the uncleanliness of the city.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Another city that isn’t considered a must-see is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The high crime rates, particularly in downtown areas, leave people hesitant to make return visits. And the weather doesn’t help either, with the city being cold for most of the year.

St. Louis, Missouri

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Forbes states that urban decay has impacted St. Louis, with unpatched roads and littered vacant lots. This lack of maintenance makes the city unappealing to potential tourists. The unfortunate reality of St. Louis’s attractions not meeting tourists’ expectations also has an undeniable impact.

Cleveland, Ohio

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The oppressive industrial atmosphere of Cleveland makes it a hard place to recommend visiting. Issues with cleanliness and a lack of general upkeep plague the city, resulting in bad reviews from many tourists. Looks like this is one place to keep off your bucket list!

Memphis, Tennessee

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Despite being famous for its historical sites, Memphis seems to have limited appeal for repeat visitors. Unfortunately, it seems to be another city that’s flooded with bad press due to its rate of crime, resulting in tourists staying far away.

Mobile, Alabama

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The little-known city of Mobile in Alabama is said to have an unwelcome atmosphere towards tourists, leading to the city developing a bad reputation. These issues, in combination with the lack of things to see in the city, make repeat tourism very unlikely.

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