17 Obvious Giveaways That Someone Is an Unkind Person

Is there someone in your life who just exudes bad vibes? While everyone is human and susceptible to mistakes, there are a few tell-tale signs that indicate that someone is just not a very nice person. From engaging in malicious gossip to a lack of compassion or empathy, we’ll share 17 obvious giveaways in this article.

Habitual Blaming and Avoiding Apologies

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Someone who frequently blames others for their mistakes and who rarely (or never) apologizes for their actions is likely not a very nice person, unable to accept responsibility, and unwilling to put their pride aside. This type of person tends to drag up past mistakes in arguments, too.

Cruelty to Animals

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There’s no question about it—if someone you know exhibits abusive or neglectful behavior toward animals, they are a bad person. Anyone who changes their attitude toward their pets or other animals based on their mood or who sees mistreatment of animals as normal behavior is not only unkind but cruel.

Emitting Negative Vibes

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Some people have a presence that often makes others uncomfortable. They may give off an air of malevolence or ill-intent and seem to enjoy planning underhanded activities. This is an obvious giveaway that they’re not a kind person. According to Psych Central, you should protect yourself from this negative energy by staying positive, ignoring the person, and removing yourself from the space.

Inability to Admit Wrongdoing

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Do you know someone who insists they’re never wrong, regardless of any evidence against them? Do they often turn arguments around to blame others, or do they get angry when corrected or challenged? These are all indicators that this person is unkind.

Exhibiting Ungratefulness

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Gratefulness is a great, genuine trait to possess. So, naturally, those who rarely express gratitude despite receiving help from others, or those who take advantage of others’ kindness without acknowledging it, are signs that they’re not kind people. This behavior creates tension and resentment in personal and professional relationships.

Engaging in Malicious Gossip

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As shared by Syntrio, malicious gossip can have many harmful effects, such as low morale and an erosion of trust. Anyone who derives pleasure from talking negatively about others or uses gossip to control or shame people is likely not very nice as a whole.

Exhibiting Entitlement

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A person who truly believes they deserve more than others, disregarding fairness or equality, is very likely not a kind person. This type of individual will often complain or create disturbances without adding value to a situation, and they’ll justify their unkind behavior due to a heightened sense of self-importance.

Disrespect Through Backhanded Compliments

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Have you noticed someone in your life who consistently delivers subtly insulting compliments? This is done to demean or belittle other people under the guise of praise. It creates confusion and self-doubt in the recipient and is a very unkind thing to do.

Disregard for Others’ Time

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As said by Time Magazine, “Routinely showing up late is a problem, and one that we should stop excusing.” Those who are consistently late to meetings or appointments are openly showing a lack of respect for other people’s schedules and operating in a self-centered manner.

Exploiting Insecurities and Traumas

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Someone who is an unkind person may use others’ personal insecurities to hurt them. They’ll do this by bringing up past traumas to manipulate or control them, which demonstrates a lack of empathy and compassion and reveals their true colors.

Driven by Greed and Selfishness

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Have you ever met someone who takes credit for others’ work? This type of unkind person tends to focus solely on personal gain, regardless of others’ well-being. They’ll often exhibit self-centered behavior at the expense of others, making it clear that they are not a nice individual.

Demonstrating Excessive Charm With Ulterior Motives

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A person who uses—or attempts to use—charm as a manipulative tool rather than genuine interaction could also be unkind. They may maintain surface-level connections to serve their own ends, leaving individuals feeling used or manipulated once their purpose is served.

Lack of Compassion and Empathy

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As shared by VeryWell Mind, “People who lack empathy are more likely to have problems in their relationships with other people.” This is because they’re indifferent to the suffering of others and incapable of understanding others’ feelings. They often act ruthlessly in pursuit of their personal goals.

Bragging About Personal Achievements

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Bragging is a very unattractive quality, and combined with some of the other traits on this list, it can be indicative that a person is unkind. This type of person tends to overcompensate for their insecurities by boasting and trying to make others feel inferior. They may focus on self-aggrandizement at the expense of others.

Exhibiting a Take-Take Mentality

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Do you know someone who exploits others for personal gain without reciprocation? Yep, you got it right—this is a clear sign they’re an unkind person. This type of individual manipulates situations to their advantage and will often show a lack of appreciation and gratitude.

Judgmental Attitude Toward Others

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A person who criticizes people for not meeting their standards or expresses superiority over others’ lifestyle choices is likely not a very nice person. If someone in your life seems to lack tolerance and understanding for different perspectives, it’s best to avoid them as much as possible.

Repeat Offensive Behavior

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Everyone makes mistakes and acts in ways that hurt people from time to time, but the key redeeming quality here is learning from their behavior and showing remorse. Someone who continuously hurts others by repeating harmful actions and showing a lack of empathy, however, is not a kind person. They’re unwilling to change or recognize the impact of their behavior.

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