17 Outdated Home Trends We Don’t Want to Come Back

Dive into the world of interior design as we explore 17 outdated home trends that have overstayed their welcome. From popcorn ceilings to matching furniture sets, this list uncovers the once-popular design choices that are now ready to be left in the past, making room for modern aesthetic and practical design choices.

Popcorn Ceilings

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According to Home & Texture, the popularity of popcorn ceilings in the 20th century was due to their “ability to absorb sound [and] hide imperfections, and cost-effectiveness (no painting required).” They go on to say that these ceilings “date your home, regardless of how contemporary your décor is.”

Carpet in Every Room

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While carpet can cozy up a bedroom, modern homes are finding that hardwood or laminate flooring creates a cleaner, more contemporary look. Wooden floors are more practical too, with spills being easy to mop up and less need for professional cleaning. On top of this, carpets can trap dust, pet hair, and other allergens that affect indoor air quality.

Fluorescent Lighting

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The flat, harsh lighting that fluorescent bulbs bring is a thing of the past, and we’re leaving behind the strained eyes and irritating buzz we used to put up with. Modern LED lighting offers more energy efficiency and a warmer, more inviting light.

Tile Countertops


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This ‘70s trend can create an uneven surface, making it difficult to use as a workspace, and the grout lines can become easily stained. Elle recommends you “avoid the stress and stick with statement marble or stone.”

Mirrored Walls

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Once a symbol of glamor and luxury, mirrored walls now look dated. They require constant cleaning to avoid smudges and streaks, and they can make spaces feel less cozy and more commercial with their huge reflective surface.

Over-the-Top Themed Rooms

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A heavily themed room can become easily tiresome, not to mention put off any potential future buyers. It’s best to stick to subtle pieces of décor that can be easily and cheaply changed out when your style or interests change.

Avocado Green and Harvest Gold Appliances

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Strongly associated with kitchens and bathrooms of the 1970s, appliances and cupboard fronts in these tones make a room look very outdated, plus the boldness of the colors can dictate your entire room’s color scheme, which will limit your design choices. Instead, go for stainless steel or integrated appliances for a sleeker, more uniform look.

Matching Furniture Sets

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Matching sets can make a room look less personal and a bit rigid. Southern Living says designers are now “​​opting for more varied furniture pairings.” Mixing different styles and pieces adds depth and character to a space and helps you curate a unique collection.

Inflatable Furniture

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Associated with teenage bedrooms or temporary setups, inflatable furniture doesn’t reflect a mature or sophisticated home. Often not as comfortable as more traditional furniture, inflatable pieces are also prone to punctures and leaks, making them unreliable for long-term use.

Nautical Décor

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Popular in the 2010s, Business Insider says that nautical accessories make “a space feel disconnected from its surroundings.” Instead, try to accessorize with more subtle and sophisticated décor that integrates seamlessly and creates a calming, personal space.

Oversized Entertainment Centers

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Dominating a room and making it less flexible for other uses, huge entertainment units are a thing of the past. With the rise of streaming services, there’s less of a need to store physical copies of your favorite TV shows, films, and music, so rather than a large piece of furniture, opt for a sleek, wall-hung TV.

Faux Colonial Details

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Adding character to a home is important, but faux reproductions of colonial details can look out of place and kitschy. Instead, opt for authentic and original pieces of design that work with your modern-day lifestyle and conveniences.

Whirlpool Bathtubs

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Large and bulky, these bathtubs take up considerable space in your bathroom, which you could be using more efficiently. Although a Whirlpool may sound tempting, these tubs often go unused, and they require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent mold and mechanical issues.

Textured Walls

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An ideal place for dust and grime to get trapped, textured walls are hard to clean and maintain. On top of this, when you fancy a change in decoration, it can be difficult to repaint or repair, and it takes significant effort to remove the texture. Instead, opt for smooth walls and choose a warm color to add interest.

Country Kitchen Themes

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Overly themed country kitchens can feel cluttered and kitschy, sometimes detracting from the functionality of the space and putting off any future potential buyers. Instead, opt for a streamlined, minimalist kitchen to achieve a clean, modern look.

Hollywood Vanity Lights

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Although the vintage Hollywood style can seem fun, these pieces can feel dated in a modern home. The bright, unfiltered bulbs produce harsh lighting, which can create glare and be unflattering as a result. For a more modern approach to lighting, opt for lamps and wall lights that produce a warm, filtered light.

Faux Marble Laminate

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Faux marble often doesn’t quite match up to the depth and texture of real marble, which can leave it looking cheap. It can also scratch and chip over time to reveal the underlying laminate material. Instead, opt for authentic materials where you can to benefit from long-lasting aesthetics and durability.

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