20 Overrated US Cities That Always Leave Tourists Disappointed After a Visit

There are many famous cities in the U.S., but after a visit, they can leave tourists questioning why. Many cities make visitors feel disappointed for reasons such as high prices, being too busy, or simply not living up to their expectations. Here are 20 of the most overrated U.S. cities.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Travel writes, “Because of films like The Hangover, people who come to Vegas have a lot of preconceived notions of what the city will be like.” It’s these misconceptions that will leave a person feeling disappointed after visiting Las Vegas. It has high costs and is often described as being too commercialized. 

Orlando, Florida

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Children and thrill seekers love Orlando because of its large number of theme parks. However, many others have criticized it for being overcrowded and having very high prices. Because of this, the city is unable to deliver the magical experience that’s expected of it. 

Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville is well known for its great music scene and for creating many music stars. It brings in many tourists each year, but this also makes it feel incredibly overcrowded. Many tourists have even described Nashville as losing its authenticity because of how commercialized it’s become. 

Honolulu, Hawaii

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Honolulu has far too many tourists compared to the other islands in Hawaii. Locals tend to avoid the city and stick to less crowded spots, while visitors have discovered that it doesn’t have as many experiences to offer as other destinations in Hawaii. There are better tourist options on Maui and the Big Island.   

San Francisco, California

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Many tourists have stated that San Francisco is overrated, especially the Golden Gate Bridge. This is supported by The Getaway, which writes, “While it’s undoubtedly a beautiful sight, especially at sunset, the experience of visiting the bridge can be somewhat lackluster.” It also has heavy amounts of traffic and uncleanliness. 

Miami, Florida

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Miami is seen as the ultimate party destination thanks to its popular nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. It also has a famous beach with turquoise waters. However, tourists have criticized it for being far too commercialized. It also has heavy traffic, can be very humid, and is often seen as unwelcoming. 

Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston may be appreciated for its history, but that’s about as far as it goes. Many tourists have described it as being unfriendly and even having a superiority complex. There isn’t much for a visitor to do after they’ve seen its historical sites. 

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon
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After visiting Portland, many tourists have agreed that there isn’t much to do if you don’t enjoy outdoor activities. It’s better suited to young people, but many have still been criticized for trying too hard to be “cool.” There are also limited employment opportunities for anyone wanting a longer visit. 

Austin, Texas

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Many tourists have suggested that Austin is trying too hard as a city, thanks to its slogan, “Keep Austin Weird.” They’ve described the city as feeling forced because it’s trying too hard to be different. The warm weather can also become unbearable and distract a person from admiring its sights.  

Asheville, North Carolina

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According to HuffPost, there are many negatives to Asheville. It writes, “The traffic can be atrocious, the main attraction is the soulless estate of yet another Vanderbilt, those famous hotels are sadly average and overpriced, the food is just fine.” Also, don’t expect locals to be warm to tourists. 

Los Angeles, California

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Los Angeles is perceived as a city full of glamor, thanks to its proximity to Hollywood. However, many visitors have stated that this isn’t the case. Instead, it has heavy traffic and high costs, and the city is widely spread out, making it hard to visit places on foot. 

New York City, New York 

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Many tourists have criticized New York for being overcrowded and having high costs. Some may find it overwhelming, especially if they aren’t used to city life. It’s a fast-paced destination where everyone constantly seems to be in a rush. Nowadays, it’s often seen as being too commercialized. 

Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago is loved for its culture, thanks to it being home to many museums and beautiful buildings. But it’s also hated for feeling overcrowded and being extremely cold in the winter. Many touristy areas also have inflated prices, making it difficult for visitors to know where to go for food and necessities. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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As this city is so rich in history, it can be hard to find any modern amenities or attractions. Many visitors have also said they’ve felt unwelcome in the city, especially compared to others in the country. There are many historical sites that are seen as being overhyped, such as the Liberty Bell. 

Seattle, Washington

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Seattle is well known for its rain. For example, Emerald City Dream writes, “Seattle, Washington, often recognized for its cloudy skies and rainy days, has become somewhat notorious for its precipitation. When residents and visitors think of the city’s weather, they often associate it with persistent rainfall.” This weather can be extremely off-putting for visitors.  

Atlanta, Georgia

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Tourists have commented on many things they dislike about Atlanta. Its traffic and large size can make it hard for people to find attractions they want to visit, and once they arrive at the historic site, it doesn’t live up to the hype. There has also been increased crime in the city, which has caused concern. 

Dallas, Texas

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While Dallas is loved for its shopping and sports, it lacks tourist attractions, which can be a letdown for visitors. Some tourists have even commented on finding the city too commercial, which makes it lack cultural depth. The heat can also overwhelm people visiting. 

Denver, Colorado

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Denver is a great option for people who love outdoor activities, but for anyone seeking more urban attractions, the city can be a letdown. Many have even commented on Denver being too commercialized, especially around its tourist attractions. Its altitude and dry climate can also make it difficult for visitors. 

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.
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The National Review has stated many reasons why Washington, D.C., is seen as overrated. For example, it says the traffic is horrendous, the cost of living is high, and kid-friendly attractions will be quite busy on weekends. The city may be known for its political history, but it’s viewed as being overly formal. 

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina
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While Charleston may be rich in history, many visitors have said it’s this that can make it feel too touristy, especially with sites feeling overcrowded. There have been many complaints about the city’s prices being too high, especially when finding somewhere to eat or sleep.

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