People Are Moving Out of Texas and Here’s 17 Reasons Why

It seems that not everyone wants to stay in Texas these days, and we’re going to share why this is. From the extreme weather conditions to the volatile housing market, there are plenty of reasons why people are packing up and moving on. Discover 17 of them in this article!

High Cost of Living

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It’s no longer affordable to live in many parts of Texas, particularly in urban areas like Austin and Dallas that are facing rising housing prices. Costs for everyday expenses are also rising compared to other states, and property taxes are becoming a burden for many residents.

Job Market Shifts

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Unfortunately, some industries now have a lack of job offerings, which is pushing residents to seek opportunities elsewhere. Certain companies are also relocating out of Texas, which reduces employment opportunities there. The lure of higher salaries and stronger job markets in other states is another pull for people.

Extreme Weather Conditions

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“In the coming years, Texas can expect more blistering heat, extreme rainfall and devastating droughts,” as per the Dallas Morning News. This prospect isn’t too appealing to Texans, many of whom leave to seek out better weather. Hurricanes and tornadoes also pose a risk to those in the state, events that disrupt lives and cause extensive property damage.

Political Climate

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Ask some residents why they’re leaving Texas, and they may say they’re unhappy with local and state political decisions (and how things are being governed). Certain legislative changes affect people’s personal freedoms and rights, and the state seems to be facing a growing divide in political beliefs.

Educational Concerns

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Others are concerned about the quality of public education and educational outcomes for students. With that in mind, some families believe their kids will have better schooling opportunities elsewhere. The cost of higher education is also getting more expensive in Texas, which means many people are considering out-of-state options.

Health Care Access and Quality

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Depending on where people are located in the state, they could have great quality healthcare or be extremely unhappy with it. Rural areas, for example, are facing significant healthcare provider shortages. Overall, the long wait times and high costs for medical procedures are reasons people see as compelling enough to make them want to leave.

Social and Cultural Factors

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Changing demographics in the state have led to shifts in community dynamics, and some residents are now seeking more culturally diverse or inclusive environments. They feel a desire for different lifestyles or living conditions that can be found in other states.

Property Taxes

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According to SmartAsset, “The average effective property tax rate in the Lone Star State is 1.60%, well above the national average of 0.99%.” These steep property taxes are pushing some homeowners to consider other states, especially since annual increases in property taxes are outpacing income growth.

Urban Congestion and Decline

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Major cities in the state, like Houston and Dallas, are experiencing increased congestion and pollution, which is naturally off-putting. The rapid expansion of urban areas is causing longer commutes and reduced quality of life—and who really wants to deal with this?

Crime Rates

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Residents of Texas also have concerns over the rising crime rates in certain urban areas, often feeling that they’re less safe now than they were in the past. For this reason, people are opting to move to safer communities with lower crime statistics.

Public Transportation Limitations

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Especially for those who don’t drive, the lack of robust public transportation options in Texan cities can be extremely frustrating. People are annoyed by public transit in the state not meeting the needs of the growing population, and having to rely on a car means higher living costs.

Environmental Concerns

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Issues like water management, pollution, and land use are also causing residents to reconsider their living situations. Environment Texas, for example, states that “air pollution from petrochemical facilities, power plants, cars and trucks, and more” is responsible for premature deaths and illnesses like asthma and cancer.

Family Reasons

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On a lighter note, some people are choosing to move out of Texas simply to be closer to their families or for better support networks. They may also be seeking states or regions with more family-friendly policies and benefits in comparison to where they are now.

Retirement Planning

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Frustrating as it may be for those who have lived in Texas their whole lives, the state doesn’t offer the best conditions for retirement in terms of cost and healthcare access. Other states may provide more attractive retirement benefits and communities. Some people also just want a change in climate and lifestyle during their retirement.

Housing Market Volatility

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As shared by Reuters, the housing market can change rapidly. The constant ups and downs and fluctuations in home prices make the market unpredictable, and potential homeowners are often being priced out of the market. The high entry barriers are causing some people to leave the state.

Lifestyle Changes

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Another reason why people are moving out of Texas is that they’re seeking quieter, less crowded living conditions. They may also want to experience a completely different climate or just need a change. If life isn’t suiting someone in Texas, then another state with different offerings may do the job!

Access to Recreation and Leisure

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In some areas of Texas, there’s limited access to outdoor and recreational activities, which is especially frustrating for families with young children. People are opting to move in search of locations with better amenities and leisure options. They may also be pursuing hobbies and interests that are better supported elsewhere.

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