New Contributor! Personal Finance Blogger, Will Lipovsky

freelance personal finance writer contributor blogger will lipovsky first quarter finance   Who Am I?

I’m a personal finance blogger. And my life is full of bizarre contradictions. I love the outdoors but I also love the internet. When I’m not exercising my passion for cycling, you may find me working on my beloved car. I’ll never pass up an opportunity to travel but I’m no stranger to being a happy homebody at times. I’ll gratefully work a 12-hour day on my family’s farm. I enjoy getting tired and dirty. But I’m no stranger to a spa. I like to think I can have a conversation with anyone.
I doubt you want to read my entire autobiography (publication circa 2050). Or perhaps you do. If so, you can pre-order it at Here’s just a little more about me…


Random Facts and Stories:

–I grew up on a farm in Nebraska.

–I learned to appreciate money early in life. There was a lot of odd jobs to do as a kid so I worked, saved, and began investing at age 10.

–A recurring annual goal of mine is to fully fund my Roth IRA

–When I was 14, I slid off the road at 60mph, went through a barbed-wire fence, and rolled the ATV my parents had bought 2 hours prior. I still have 3 scars on my chest. It’s a long story as to why it happened.

–Oddly enough, I’ve never broken a bone. I’ve also never had a cavity.

–I’ll try any food on the entire planet.

–If I had to choose movies or TV, I’d pick movies.

–I graduated high school in 2008, college in 2011.

I save 85% of my income – because I’m a weirdo! P.S. I think being weird is a very good thing.

–The dumbest financial mistake I have ever made was taking out $16,500 in student loan debt for no reason other than I was too lazy to fill out more scholarship applications.

–The smartest financial move I’ve ever made was learning how to exercise will power.

–I bike to work each day – no excuses. It’s 3.5 miles. It used to be 9.5 miles.

–I work in finance, run my personal blog (First Quarter Finance), freelance write, and manage a few other blogs.


My Specialties as a Personal Finance Blogger

As a personal finance blogger, these are the financial topics I focus on: frugality, investing, and early retirement. I feel money is more helpful if you retain most of what you earn. Spending money is okay. But it’s actually the most boring thing to do with money if you ask me. Saving money means you have freedom, power (Warren Buffett, ftw), and fewer worries.


What Will I Do for You?

I’ll write some killer personal finance articles, that’s what!!! I’ve been obsessed with money for as long as I can remember. If you locked me in a room and told me to think of 100 article topics, I would slide your list back under the door within 15 minutes. I enjoy everything about money!

I keep a massive folder of personal finance articles to be finished. Whether I’m biking through a park, waxing my car, or driving a tractor through a corn field, I’ll randomly think of interesting article ideas. I’ll be publishing these posts multiple times per week here on Critical Financial. Thank you for reading.

See you around!!!