19 Pets Lazy People Should Never Buy

If you aren’t the type of person who’s keen to go on walks every day or give a pet constant love and attention, then there will be some that you shouldn’t consider purchasing. Here are 19 pets lazy people should never buy.


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Akitas are large dogs and can become quite aggressive if they aren’t socialized properly. For example, I Heart Dogs writes, “They are prone to killing small animals and are unlikely to tolerate a child’s teasing.” Akitas needs a confident and assertive owner who commits to training.

Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherds need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. As they have a strong herding instinct, it can make them hard to have in a home with small children or other pets. If an Australian Shepherd becomes bored, it can become extremely destructive. They need to be fully trained; otherwise, they’ll become a handful.

Border Collie

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Border Collies are incredibly intelligent and require constant engagement. They need extensive training and large amounts of exercise each day to ensure they stay mentally stimulated and can burn off any pent-up energy. Without proper training, their herding instinct can be hard to manage.

Chow Chow

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PureWow writes, “These loyal puffballs require consistent grooming to keep them looking and feeling their best.” Their moderate shedding can mean regular cleanups, or your home may become very furry. Chow Chows are also known to be protective over their owners and can be unfriendly with strangers.

German Shepherd

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This particular dog breed requires a large amount of exercise and mental stimulation to avoid becoming frustrated. German Shepherds need consistent training when they’re puppies, or they can become hard to manage. Their protective nature also means they require careful socialization to prevent aggression.

Afghan Hound

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Afghan Hounds have long and luxurious coats that are very thick, and these will need grooming every day. As they’re known for their independent nature, it can make training harder and may take longer than for the average dog. Afghan Hounds also need regular exercise to prevent boredom.


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Labradoodles have high energy levels and need daily exercise. For example, Purina writes, “Labradoodles are a bouncy, high-energy breed with time-consuming training and exercise requirements.” Their personality means they may require socialization, and they may also need daily grooming of their coat to prevent any matting.

Belgian Malinois

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This dog breed is known for being energetic and needing constant mental stimulation. A Belgian Malinois also requires experienced handling, as they have strong protective instincts. They also have the nickname “maligator,” as a Belgian Malinois likes to use its mouth to play, so training is needed to avoid biting.

Persian Cats

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Persian cats have long coats that require regular grooming. If they aren’t groomed each day, then their coat can tangle and mat. Persian cats can also be prone to heart issues, which may mean they need regular visits to the vet. Unless you have a calm and stable environment, you shouldn’t consider purchasing a Persian cat, as they’re prone to stress.

Maine Coons

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Maine Coons are one of the largest cat breeds and have an incredibly thick coat. This is supported by VioVet, which writes, “The double coat is thick, becoming longer as it gets further towards the rear of the cat.” This can make grooming particularly difficult, and it is something that needs to be done each day.


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Bengals are a highly energetic cat breed and need plenty of space for exercise. They’re also very intelligent cats, so without mental stimulation, they will become bored. Also, as the cat has high hunting instincts, it needs to be properly socialized to avoid any injuries.


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Ferrets require a specialized diet that’s mainly meat. As they will be living in a cage, they also need their living environment regularly cleaned, or it may start to smell. Ferrets can also be expensive pets, as they have specific needs and health care requirements.

French Bulldogs

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Stylish Frenchies writes, “French Bulldogs are high maintenance. They have a number of health problems, and vet bills can stack up quickly.” This is because they’re sensitive to extreme temperatures, and their scrunched nose can cause breathing difficulties. They also require regular grooming and attention to their diets.

Guinea Pigs

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Guinea pigs are known to be high maintenance because they always require a fresh diet. They eat lots of leafy greens and hay and require high amounts of vitamin C. Guinea pigs also require a well-maintained living environment and, due to their social needs, should always have a companion.


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Cockatoos are known for their intelligence and need for social interaction. This bird will need hours of daily engagement to stop them from becoming bored. They also have high calls and have the potential for destructive behavior. They require a patient owner who will take the time to train them.


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Pet Plan writes, “As a pretty high maintenance breed—both from a behavior and exercise point of view as well as in terms of grooming—Huskies are probably not the best choice for first-time owners.” They also require high fences in the garden and supervision, as they’re known for being able to escape from yards.


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These large parrots require a lot of social interaction and stimulation. They can also be very loud pets, making them unsuitable for anyone who lives in an apartment. You’ll also need plenty of space in your home, as macaws require a spacious cage and the opportunity to be let out for daily exercise.

Ragdoll Cats

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Ragdoll cats have long, plush coats that require daily grooming, or their fur will mat. They’re known for being docile animals that thrive on human interaction. They’re best suited for anyone who spends lots of time at home, as Ragdoll cats can suffer from separation anxiety.

Exotic Reptiles (such as Iguanas or Tortoises)

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Reptile pets require specific habitat requirements, which include temperature control and UV lighting to mimic their warm, natural environments. They also require a specialized diet that may involve live food, supplements, or specific fruits and vegetables. Exotic reptiles have a long lifespan, so before you purchase one, make sure you’re ready for the commitment.

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