19 Phrases Boomers Are Tired of Hearing

Boomers have been around for at least 60 years and, in that time, have faced plenty of criticism from other generations. They usually just take it in stride and continue with life; however, here are 19 phrases boomers are tired of hearing.

OK, Boomer

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‘OK, boomer’ became a common phrase used by others to state that boomer thinking was outdated. This became frustrating for some boomers, as it’s a dismissive phrase that stereotypes all boomers as being the same. It’s often used before a boomer is actually given the opportunity to explain their views.

You don’t understand technology

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As reported by Paramount, “One of the most common misconceptions about the post-WWII generation is that they are not technology-savvy.” Boomers have been around to witness the evolution of technology, and many have adapted to the changes to implement technology into their everyday lives.

You’re too old to work here

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Throughout boomers’ careers, the workplace culture has changed drastically. Some boomers have been told, ‘You’re too old to work here.’ This is actually discriminatory, and if an employer has said that, you should look to take legal action. Sometimes it can be a colleague’s comments that make it difficult for boomers to build professional relationships.

That’s not how the world works anymore

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Many present-day societal structures were shaped by the boomer generation. However, today, they often hear, ‘That’s not how the world works anymore’ as society and values change. This can be difficult for boomers to hear, but it can highlight an area of growth for them to transition into current structures.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

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According to IBC Bank, baby boomers can embrace change. Throughout life, change is inevitable and you must keep moving forward for growth. No matter the age of someone, they can still learn. It may take longer for a boomer than a millennial, but with the right mindset, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

You had it so much easier

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Due to the cost of living crisis, boomers have heard this statement a few too many times. As a matter of fact, each generation has lived through different periods of time, each with pros and cons. Boomers may have had more affordable housing prices, but on the other hand, they didn’t have the technology younger generations have today.

It’s time to retire

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‘It’s time to retire’ can be a very hateful statement to say to a boomer, which can certainly trigger some emotions. Everyone is different, and if someone wants to work past retirement age for whatever reason, they should be able to do so without any judgment from others.

You don’t care about the environment

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Boomers are often wrongly perceived as not caring about the environment because they may not be around to see the damage. Other generations often forget that boomers participated in early environmental movements such as Earth Day. Many boomers do their part each and every day by recycling any household waste.

Your music was just noise

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As mentioned by Vie Magazine, “You do the math, and it’s hard not to notice how many septuagenarian stars are still performing—Bob Dylan, Don Henley, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, [and] Elton John.” Despite boomers often being ridiculed for the music they grew up listening to, many still listen to the music of that generation today.

You ruined the economy

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Boomers seem to get hit with the statement ‘you ruined the economy’ on a regular basis. The current issues with the economy are seen by younger generations as caused years ago by boomers. The truth is that a number of factors affect the economy, and finger-pointing and passing the blame onto boomers is unfair.

You’re out of touch

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Others often feel that boomers don’t understand how it is for younger people in the present day. They see boomers as being out of touch with the times and unable to relate to others. This is a stereotype and not true for many boomers, as they have a broader understanding due to having children or grandchildren living through it.

You don’t need that, you’re too old

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This statement can be hurtful and have a negative impact on a boomer’s mental well-being. Age should never matter when it comes to needing certain things or enjoying certain experiences. Each individual is different, with different hobbies and interests, and should not be categorized or judged based on their age or generation.

Let the young people take over

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Many workplaces now give leadership roles to younger people instead of boomers. Organizations can actually benefit from having a mixture of generations in leadership roles. Boomers bring a vast amount of experience, both in life and professionally, which can add value in many places.

You don’t understand what’s going on

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Many younger generations don’t think boomers understand what’s going on in everyday life. This poor assumption doesn’t take into consideration the life experience boomers have and their desire to keep up with current trends in society. Boomers are still very up-to-date with current news. 

Why are you still driving?

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Boomers are perceived to be poorer drivers than other generations. According to Harvard Health Publishing, motor accidents are highest for the youngest drivers and second highest for drivers aged 80 or older. Boomers still have every right to be driving just like anyone else, as long as they’re safe on the roads.

That was so long ago, forget it

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Boomers will often share life experiences, as they may have already been there and done it before, so they know how to overcome a situation. They can often be hit with ‘that was so long ago, forget it’ and their opinion or experience is rudely disregarded. 

You should act your age

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This can be a hurtful statement, regardless of your age. As a boomer, being told to act your age is insulting and is often directed at them when they’re enjoying themselves. Acting your age doesn’t have a true meaning, and diversity in lifestyle choices and hobbies should be celebrated among every generation.

You have an old-fashioned mindset

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Telling a boomer that they have an old-fashioned mindset can be hurtful, but it’s also not true. Boomers have lived through a generation where they’ve had to constantly adapt to remain relevant, and with that, their mindset, values, and morals have as well.

You should let go of the past

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If a boomer were to let go of the past, they’re likely to let go of what has shaped them to be who they are today. The past experiences and wealth of knowledge they’ve gained over the years have allowed them to grow in today’s society.

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