18 Popular Travel Destinations That Aren’t Worth Your Time

Travel is a unique and extremely personal experience for everyone. Though thousands of people are drawn to the same places every year, some trips end up not being as exciting as we thought they would be. These are some of the top tourist destinations that might not be worth the hype.

Disney World, Florida

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Every kid dreams of going to Disney World and seeing their favorite characters, but before you spend months planning this trip—yes, months—there are a couple of reasons why it’s not that great. The Florida heat can be brutal, and the crowds cause massive lines for the attractions. One blogger talks about the lack of healthy food options and the environmental nightmare, saying, “The assault of ammonia bleach feels more like a punch in the throat than ‘clean.’”

The Vegas Strip, Nevada

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Unless you are really into gambling or the club scene, Las Vegas may not be the place for you.

It can feel cheesy and cringy atmosphere-wise, with a lack of cultural experiences. Except for hotels, everything is pretty expensive. It’s in the desert, so the heat can be oppressive. The number of people peddling fliers and garbage on the strip can also be oppressive. If you fall for taking a selfie with someone, it will cost you.

Hollywood, California

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If you’re going to Hollywood thinking you are going to run into Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively sitting at a coffee shop, you are likely to be disappointed. Hollywood is filled with more tourist traps like the Walk of Fame than actual people with fame.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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According to their website, the most popular package at the Blue Lagoon will cost you about $100. Once you get in, you have to pay extra for everything. Drinks, an extra face mask, a snack, and lunch. The man-made lagoon seems serene and peaceful in pictures, but in reality, it is overcrowded and far from relaxing.

Machu Picchu, Peru

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You’ve seen the pictures on every man’s dating profile, but those coveted sunrise pictures are hard to come by due to the mountainous location. It is overcrowded with tourists and mosquitoes, which can detract from the experience. Peru announced recently that it would be suspending tourist visits to parts of Machu Picchu because of the erosion of certain stone structures that make up the Inca citadel.

Maya Bay, Thailand

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Maya Bay is famous as a location in Danny Boyle’s The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It was flooded with more than 4,000 tourists a day until Thai authorities made some changes. To protect the corals and blacktip sharks, tourists are not permitted to swim, boats can no longer enter the bay, and drivers have to drop passengers off at this newly built floating jetty set at the back of the island.

Paris, France

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The city can be crowded with tourists, diminishing the charm of attractions. Unless your dream vacation involves standing in line or jostling through crowds, you might want to avoid Paris. Crimes such as theft, pickpocketing, bag snatching, burglaries, and muggings are common, particularly in the summer. The Louvre has had to limit the number of visitors who can enter the gallery to just 30,000 people per day in hopes of a better experience for visitors.

Stonehenge, England

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One person on TripAdvisor says, “Stonehenge is one of those attractions you need to meet halfway. You can’t just show up and expect to be wowed. You need to have developed a fascination with prehistoric mysteries and ancient monuments.” If you aren’t into the history or passionate about seeing them, it may just feel like looking at a bunch of rocks.

Cancún, Mexico

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Cancún can seem pretty cheap to visit when you first book, but all of the little expenses add up. Most people travel to Cancun for water sports, but they’re expensive. It can be tough to walk on the land without being harassed by vendors trying to sell items. The government does very little to clean up the beaches in Cancún, which disappoints many tourists.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

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The area is often crowded with tourists taking cliché photos. There isn’t much else to see or do outside of the Leaning Tower, making it a somewhat meaningless and overrated journey. Leaning towers may be found all over Italy, in places as diverse as small towns and major cities, which could be more appealing to those wanting to avoid the tourist trap.

Santorini, Greece

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“A lot of archeologists and historians believe Santorini is the location of the infamous Atlantis. You would expect somewhere with that reputation to have cool archeological sites, but Santorini does not,” states a travel blogger. There are only three small beaches: Red Beach, with red volcanic rocks, Perissa, with harsh black pebbles, and Kamari, with the nicest ‘sand.’ If you want an iconic Instagram shot, you need to stay at one of the private cliffside villas because the locals have posted ‘Do Not Enter’/’Private Property’ signs.

The Great Wall of China, Beijing

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The UNESCO-listed Great Wall of China is arguably one of China’s most visited landmarks. This is apparent when you get caught in the river-like current of people. If you aren’t careful, you may end up exiting the wall in Mongolia instead of where you entered. Others complain that the restored areas take away from the authentic feel.

The Grand Canyon, USA

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The Grand Canyon is amazingly beautiful, but unless you are an outdoor enthusiast, it can be a bit boring for many visitors. The South Rim can be quite a bit colder than the local area, so for those doing a short trip from Las Vegas, their warm weather attire may not cut it.

The Statue of Liberty, New York

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People complain the 15-minute ferry ride to the island is as crowded as a rock concert, with nothing to hold on to but the people next to you. One reviewer says, “The wait to get over to the island and back to NYC was over an hour in the hot sun even though we prepaid for a reservation to go to the top of the Statue.”

The Colosseum, Rome

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The Colosseum is the most recognizable symbol of ancient Rome. During the busy season, legions of tourists descend on the monument and contribute to long lines. In the summer months, warm days and a lack of shade mean that visiting is hot. It’s certainly impressive; the Colosseum is just one of many incredible ancient sites in Rome.

Niagara Falls, New York Side

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The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is known for the better views and higher-end hotels. The mishmash of rundown buildings over 100 years old and endless gravel parking lots is what ruins the U.S. side. Many say the New York side embraced industry for cheap power, while the Canadian side embraced tourism.

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

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Like any tourist destination, the area can be crowded, and the experience may not live up to expectations. With the city nearby, many feel the ancient atmosphere is detracted from. The area also hosts many vendors and tour guides harassing tourists to buy their goods and services or expecting tips for nothing.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

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Bondi Beach is Australia’s most famous beach. It is the jewel of Sydney’s laid-back beach lifestyle, but it has been overrun with tourists, making it too busy to truly enjoy and quite expensive. There are many other beautiful beaches in Australia that are less crowded.

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