Be Prepared: 5 Reasons You Should be Checking Into a Home Warranty

A Home Warranty offers a little peace of mind. It does not protect your house and belongings against theft or damage. You need homeowners’ insurance for that.

A home warranty is offered to home buyers as a way of protecting them against the financial loss if any component fails. It stands by you if, for example, the water heater or furnace fail.

5 Reasons You Should be Checking Into a Home Warranty:

Writing for NerdWallet, Deborah Kearns says, “Home warranties, also called home service contracts, are nothing new, but more real estate agents have recommended them in recent years as the housing market has been flooded with foreclosures and short sales — properties that were often neglected or poorly maintained.”

A Home Warranty helps you be and stay prepared, but you should know what you are looking for.

Affordability — It depends where you live, of course, but repairs and replacement of a water softener, HVAC system, major appliances, and more present considerable unwanted expense.

Repair technicians often charge for a visit and estimate. If you consider your expenses for plumbing, electricity, and repairs the previous year, it should justify the annual premium for a Home Warranty.

Comfort — Home buyers incur expenses from the start. Excited as they may be about their new residence, they dive into house painting, new carpeting, new furniture, and more.

You can’t pay your new debts and cover the cost of fundamental failures. You don’t have time for do-it-yourself work. And, you don’t have time to research and shop for trusted repairs. With a Home Warranty, the worry and ability are taken care of for you.

Comprehensive— Home Warranty does not cover every home expense. You can expect out-of-pocket costs to replace tile you don’t like or replace a door with a different design.

However, it will cover losses associated with the failure of major components like, the electrical system, plumbing, water heater, and the like. So, to keep that peace of mind, you should read the coverage offered thoroughly. Or, you might check the House Method home warranty reviews.

Savings— When you buy a home, you achieve a dream. But, even dreams can cost you. You don’t want to think about it, but things do break down and often cost hundreds or thousands to fix.

With a Home Warranty, you call the warranty company. They send a licensed and trusted technician to repair your problem. If they can’t fix it, they replace it.

Service  You don’t have to buy your Home Warranty when you settle on the property although you will receive offers then. When you want to add the warranty, there’s no inspection.

In most cases, you won’t wait only 15 to 30 days before the warranty takes effect. Yet other companies have no waiting period, so you can seek services as soon as you pay the premium.
With a home warranty, there’s also no inspection prior to signing up, and you can get a plan even if your home and appliances are older.

Be Prepared!

A Home Warranty makes you life as a homeowner more comfortable and carefree. Some owners purchase warranties while their house is listed for sale so that, if anything goes wrong while they await their sale, it is covered.

As tells homebuyers, “Do your homework and read all the fine print so at least you know what you’re getting before committing.” You might also demand that the home seller  provide a one year Home Warranty to reduce your liability for first year system failures.