18 Products You Own That Prove You’re Not Middle Class

Some people are just blind to the privilege they have in life. They’re always surprised when people point out that they have more than a middle-class person would have. This article looks at 18 things that make you most certainly above middle class if you own them.

Bespoke Jewelry

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A bespoke piece of jewelry isn’t just bought; it’s created uniquely for you, often involving a consultation with a high-end designer. Middle-class people are unable to afford custom jewelry. Those who have it have to save for it for months to get just one piece.

Luxury Cars

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Owning a luxury car often means driving a vehicle that’s as rare as it is technologically advanced. A typical luxury car usually costs about five years of pay for a middle-class person. It would be a very bad financial decision for someone with a normal salary to get themselves something so expensive and difficult to maintain. 

Gourmet Kitchen Appliances

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A lot of people know that rich people have expensive clothes, cars, and much more obvious signs of wealth. However, what they don’t know is that their kitchens are stacked with appliances that cost more than some people’s cars. High-end ovens can cost over $20,000, which is much more than what most people are willing to spend. 

Designer Wardrobe

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Most people who regularly buy designer clothes do it because they can afford it, not because it is actually of more value. In most cases, it is just a normal item with a designer logo on it. 

Smart Home Systems

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Imagine living in a house that understands what temperature you like, what foods you like, and also knows what your voice sounds like. That’s what a smart home feels like. It’s not just where you sleep; it’s like a gadget that functions to make your day as easy as possible. 

Private Art Collection

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A private art collection often contains original pieces that are curated more for personal taste than public display. Art, in general, is a game played by very wealthy people. Pieces sell for tens of thousands of dollars and there is no way a regular person will be able to justify that. 

High-End Electronics

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The rich always want to have the best-in-class technology. They want premium sound equipment, cutting-edge games, and the latest releases from major brands like Apple and Samsung. The Edge DL retails for over $50,000, a far cry from a normal $1,000 laptop. 

Exclusive Memberships

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Exclusive memberships are your ticket to networking and socializing with the elite. Being a member of private clubs, exclusive golf country clubs, or elite gyms is like having a special pass to meet and hang out with very important people. These places are where the rich and successful spend their time. 

Luxury Watches

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Owning a luxury watch is often about the craftsmanship and history of the piece, as much as it is about telling time. These watches are made in Switzerland, often come in limited editions, and have a rich history. People value these watches for the skilled work that goes into making them and for the story behind the brand. 

Premium Spirits Collection

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Collecting premium spirits like rare whiskeys, aged wines, and exclusive releases is a hobby that shows a taste for the finer things. Each bottle in a premium collection is unique and often hard to find. People who collect these spirits enjoy tasting their rich flavors and knowing that they have something very special in their collection.

Vacation Homes

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Vacation homes are usually in beautiful, exotic locations, like right on the beach or in the mountains, and they often have unique, custom designs. They show that the owner enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and values spending time in stunning settings. Forbes says that a vacation home costs over $400,000, and that isn’t light change. 

Private Jet

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Having your own private jet means you can fly wherever you want, whenever you want, without dealing with the usual airport trouble. The inside of these jets is usually customized to the owner’s taste. This way of traveling is not only about comfort but also about privacy and convenience.


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Owning a yacht means more than just having a big boat. These yachts have their own crews and luxurious amenities and are designed according to the owner’s wishes. It’s like having a private floating house that lets you explore the water in comfort and privacy. 

Equestrian Ownership

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Owning purebred horses, especially if you have private training facilities and compete in elite competitions, is a serious hobby that shows you’re part of a high-status sport. People in this world often see their involvement as a mark of prestige and investment in the tradition and elegance of equestrian sports.

Bespoke Furniture

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Furniture is really expensive as it is, so you can imagine how much more you have to pay for it to be bespoke. Rich people opt for custom-made pieces, designer collaborations, and exotic materials. These go for a lot of money and they always run the risk of getting damaged by the kids. 

Original Sculptures

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These sculptures are usually special pieces that are made by famous artists and often made just for them. When you display this artwork in noticeable spots around your home, it shows that you really value art and see it as more than just decoration. 

Advanced Security Systems

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An advanced security system is crucial for keeping your home and valuable things safe. This kind of system might include fingerprint locks, cameras that watch all day and night, and even personal security staff. Having this technology shows that you are serious about protecting your space and everything in it.

Health and Wellness Retreats

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The Nation reports that rich people live ten years longer than ordinary people, and one of the reasons is that they have access to the best health and wellness treatments. This includes spa days, detox programs, and personalized health coaching. It’s about more than just looks; it’s about living in the best shape possible.

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