17 Rarest Birthdays in the United States

You often hear about things like the most common birthdays in the country, but the rarest ones don’t typically get a mention. Let’s change that! In this article, we’ll share 17 of the rarest days to be born in the United States. Is your birthday on this list?

December 25: Christmas Day

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Luckily for Jesus, he doesn’t have to share His birthday with too many people because Christmas Day is actually the least frequent birth date in the U.S. It’s said there’s an average of just 6,574 yearly births on this day, compared to the typical average of about 10,000 a day. The reason behind this rarity is that holiday celebrations mean that no c-sections are planned on this day.

January 1: New Year’s Day

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The second least frequent birth date in the United States is New Year’s Day, likely for the same reason as the low birth rate on Christmas—holiday festivities mean there are no scheduled c-sections or inductions. The average number of births on this day is around 7,792.

December 24: Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve, or December 24th, is the third rarest birthday in the country, once again with similar reasons as Christmas Day being behind its rarity. The average number of births on Christmas Eve is 8,069.

July 4: Independence Day

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It would be pretty cool to have a birthday on Independence Day, but July 4th is actually the fourth least common birthday in the United States. The national holiday has an impact on the day’s birth rate, which is said to be 8,796. At least not too many people have to give up their hot dogs and apple pie!

January 2

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Following New Year’s Day, many hospital staff are still off work, meaning once again there are fewer scheduled inductions and c-sections. The holiday season seems to have a real impact on the country’s birth rate! The average number of births per year on this day is 9,307.

December 26

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Being born on December 26 is pretty rare, but not impossible. According to The Famous People, celebrities Kit Harington and Jared Leto were both born on this day. About 9,543 other people on average are also born on this day, which still suffers from the post-Christmas effect.

November 27

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November 27th is a date close to Thanksgiving, and as we’ve seen so far, the influence of the holiday season on birth rates is significant. The average yearly births on this day is 9,718—not hugely lower than the typical average, but still a rare birthday.

November 23

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Once again, this often aligns with Thanksgiving, meaning hospitals tend to be low-staffed and planned c-sections don’t tend to be scheduled. On November 23rd, an average of 9,883 people are born in the U.S. Do you know anyone with this rare birthday?

November 25

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Having to share your birthday with Thanksgiving is never fun, so maybe it’s a good thing the birth rate surrounding the holiday is lower than average! November 25th is another date that the United States sees lower average yearly births, with the number resting around 9,954 due to the holiday impact.

October 31: Halloween

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Halloween is the 10th rarest birthday in the U.S., with an average of 9,978 births. It’s said that cultural and social factors affect the birth rate of this day. According to The Guardian, for example, “Halloween’s associations with death, evil, and skeletons might subconsciously put women off giving birth.”

December 23

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Close to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, December 23rd is another rare birthday for citizens of the United States, largely due to holiday preparations and travel plans. However, a significant number of people are still born on this day, so if this is your birthday, you’re not alone!​

February 29: Leap Day

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This is an odd one because February 29th only occurs once every four years. This date holds a unique status among birthdays. As shared by Parents.com, “Only about 5 million people worldwide were born on February 29. You have a 1 in 1,461 chance of giving birth on Leap Day.”

​November 26

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November 26th, once again a date close to Thanksgiving, is among the rarer birthdays in the U.S. This is likely due to the holiday season’s influence on birth timing. Falling during a period typically reserved for family gatherings and festivities, this day sees fewer births compared to others.

November 22

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November 22nd also stands out as a unique birth date, as it potentially coincides with Thanksgiving. The impact of the holiday season on giving birth at this time of year is evident, with birth rates on this day being lower than average, adding to the cluster of November dates known for fewer births.​

December 27

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This birthday may be rarer than the average day, but if it is your birthday, you may be pleased to know that you share it with celebrities like Timothée Chalamet and Hayley Williams, according to Famous Birthdays. The reason for its rarity is likely due to the fact that it follows Christmas festivities.

January 3

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Following the flurry of New Year’s celebrations, January 3rd marks a dip in birth rates. This date reflects a trend where the immediate aftermath of major holidays sees fewer births. The early January period, known for its post-holiday calm, tends to have lower birth numbers, making this date less common for birthdays.​

January 4

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January 4th continues the early January trend of rare birthdays. Following the New Year period, this date also sees a noticeable drop in birth rates. The post-holiday season, often a time for resuming normal routines, is reflected in the lower birth statistics.

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