17 Reasons Why People Are Moving Out of New York in Droves

Many people who used to be very happy with the lives they have built in New York are suddenly jumping ship and moving to different parts of the US. In this article, you’ll find 17 reasons why people are leaving New York.

Cost of Living

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According to CNBC, New York tied with Singapore in 2022 as the most expensive city in the world. The cost of living for a family of four is almost $10,000 a month and this has become far too expensive for the average household to handle.


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New York is one of the snowiest cities in the United States. According to Fox Weather, Syracuse New York sees 127.8 inches of snow each winter. Many people, like the elderly who aren’t fans of the snow, are leaving New York for cities with less harsh winters.


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Statistics from Apartments.com state that the price of rent in New York has increased by $33 in the last year. The average rent is $3,661/month for a 606-square-foot apartment. For many, spending thousands of dollars a month on rent is no longer a viable option and they are seeking housing in cheaper cities.


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Many people are moving out of New York to live in quieter cities that aren’t quite so busy and bustling with people. According to the World Population Review, New York City has a population of 7,613,466. This population is too high for some people to feel comfortable with.

Subway Congestion

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Figures from the Metropolitan Transport Authority show that 3.2 million people ride the subway every day in New York. For many New Yorkers, this is a very claustrophobic way of traveling and they are moving out of the city to find a place where they can ride to work stress-free.


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The state and local taxes in New York are higher than they are in other states. For many households, the burden of high taxes is an expense that they cannot afford to pay for. These households are moving into areas where the local tax fees are lower.

Travel Time

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Due to congested roads and a city bustling with people, it takes New Yorkers longer than they would like to get from A to B. The average New Yorker spends 39.1 minutes on each trip to work. To avoid the congestion, many New Yorkers are moving out of the city.


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Many people are choosing to move out of New York because it is just too wet. Best Places says that New York sees 119 days of rain per year. With the endless dry days in Arizona and other states in the US, many are leaving New York for drier skies.


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New York is a noisy city, a place where life never slows down and doesn’t get any quieter. Times Square is one of the world’s busiest pedestrian areas. Some New Yorkers are fleeing the city and are finding housing in places with less noise pollution.

Fast Pace

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Living in New York is a synonym for living a fast-paced life. The rhythm is often one that many just don’t want to keep up with anymore. Because of this, many people are moving out of New York to find calmer places to live where the pace of life isn’t so hectic.


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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in remote jobs, which are allowing many people to work from home. Because of this, many people no longer feel the need to live in New York and are moving out of the city to live in places with a less dense population.


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Many retirement-age US citizens choose to leave New York to retire in other cities. They do this because New York is a very active city and they would like to retire in cities that have a slower pace of life. Some also choose to retire closer to their families in other parts of the country.

Limited Space

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New Yorkers are paying thousands of dollars each month for the rent of just a small apartment. Because of the extortionate rental costs and the small living areas, many people are moving out to places where they will get more square feet for their money and a yard for their children to play in.


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The crime rates in the city of New York are a concern for many, especially the elderly and families with small children. Because of this, many people are leaving New York and looking for homes in cities that are safer and have lower crime rates.

Natural Disasters

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No matter where you live in New York, you will be at risk of flooding, hurricanes, and bad winter storms. Because of the fear of natural disasters, some people are leaving the city and are looking for housing in cities with more stable weather and fewer chances of facing a natural disaster.

Lack of Nature

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In some densely populated parts of New York, it can be difficult to find a place where you can see wide open spaces or take a long walk in a national park. Because of this, many people who live in densely populated areas are moving to areas with fewer people or different cities altogether.


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The price of food in New York is higher than it is in other cities in the US. In New York, a family of four would spend an average of $11,180 on food in 2022. For those who are feeling the pinch of the inflated price of food, these costs are too much, and they are moving out of New York in search of cheaper grocery prices.

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