18 Reasons Why People Can’t Maintain a Relationship Longer Than 6 Months Anymore

In today’s society, it can be hard to maintain a relationship. This can be off-putting for people to even get into them in the first place. Here are 18 reasons why people can’t maintain a relationship for longer than six months anymore.

Unrealistic Expectations

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Having unrealistic expectations of your partner in your relationship can be very damaging. Tony Robbins tells us these expectations can include wanting your partner to change their values, be the source of all your happiness, or feel the same way as you. Around the six-month mark, people’s flaws tend to show, which partners struggle to accept.

Quick Progression

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Couples who tend to rush their relationship too quickly can end up having issues shortly after. Whether it’s rushing sexual intimacy or moving in together too soon, jumping the gun in a relationship can cause stress. By taking the relationship slow, you have more time to properly understand who your partner is as a person.

Communication Breakdowns

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Early on in a relationship, a lot of people take for granted the importance of communication. They don’t know how to properly communicate with their partner, and this can see their relationship come to a premature end. Effective communication is important in a relationship to understand each other’s needs.

Fear of Commitment

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A fear of commitment can end a relationship early. Entering a relationship when it’s fun and enjoyable early on can be exciting, but a few months later, continuing it can feel like a massive commitment to some. This fear can stem from previous negative experiences in relationships.

Compatibility Issues

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Compatibility issues usually take some time to appear in a relationship, as at the beginning you’re enjoying one another’s company, going on exciting dates, and getting to know each other. But after a while, you tend to have deeper, more meaningful conversations, and you may understand that you want different things out of life.

Trust Issues

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Calm reports, “Experiencing trust issues can mean you’re constantly battling doubts about others’ intentions, which often leads to feeling isolated or misunderstood.” Trust is so important in a relationship, and without it, it’s unlikely it will last. If you’ve done something wrong, it might mean that your partner can’t trust you, making the relationship unsustainable.

External Influences and Life Stresses

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Life stresses outside of a relationship can see it come to an early end. We all have stresses in life; whether it’s our career, finances, or family obligations, these can become overwhelming. When external stresses take over, this can have a negative impact on a relationship, causing it to break down.

Different Emotional Maturity Levels

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After six months of dating someone, you tend to have a good understanding of who they are. At this stage, some partners can begin to realize that they’re on completely different emotional maturity levels. This can make it very hard to maintain a relationship, as it can be difficult to deal with conflicts and challenges that arise.

Loss of Individual Identity

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People can give too much to a relationship and end up losing their identity. Maintaining your own individuality in a relationship and not relying on your partner is so important. It’s key that you create your own happiness and that each of you follows your own hobbies and has your own friends. 

High Conflict Levels

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High levels of conflict in a relationship at any age can be a warning sign, but within the first few months, it can be a red flag for many. People don’t want conflict that can’t be resolved effectively and moved past, and they also don’t want constant conflict in their lives.

Financial Stress

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Financial stress is a key reason that relationships can end early. Having stress around your finances as an individual can be tough, but when in a partnership, this can be heightened. There can be disagreements on spending habits or financial goals. It’s important to have open communication when it comes to finances in a relationship.

Narcissistic or Selfish Behaviors

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According to Global English Editing, selfish behaviors may look like playing the victim, having little empathy, emotional manipulation, and a disregard for boundaries. When someone in a relationship shows narcissistic or selfish behavior, it can make their partner feel undervalued. Showing these personality traits in a relationship can make it a struggle to emotionally connect with one another.


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One of the most common reasons relationships end is because of infidelity. When someone cheats in a relationship at any stage, it causes severe trust issues. When this happens early on in a relationship, there is usually no coming back from it, as the trust levels become unrepairable.

Lack of Shared Interests

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It’s good to have separate hobbies and interests from your partner, as this is what makes you different, but when there are little to no shared interests, this can cause problems. It means you don’t have anything you can bond over, and without a strong bond, relationships struggle to continue.

Overdependence on Technology

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Many relationships today end because one or both people in the relationship spends too much time on their phones or other devices. This means they’re never available for in-person interaction, and their relationship doesn’t build a deep connection. To maintain a healthy relationship, it’s important to manage the amount of time you spend on your devices.

Mental Health Issues

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Mental health issues can have a big impact on relationships. If someone is suffering from conditions such as anxiety or depression, it can be very hard for them to care for others. It can also be hard for their partner to witness their struggle. This can result in the relationship ending, so the individual can fully focus on themselves.

Lack of Appreciation

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PsychCentral tells us, “Feeling unappreciated in a relationship can leave you feeling lonely, sad, frustrated, or worse.” Everyone needs to feel appreciated in their relationships. A lack of appreciation can make someone feel extremely undervalued. Sometimes a partner may verbally state their appreciation but not show it with their actions.

Influence of Friends and Family

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Many people make the mistake of involving friends or family members in their relationships. This can be the main reason for relationships coming to an end. It can break trust in your relationship, as your partner may feel they can’t confide in you without you telling someone else.

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