17 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Make Great Pets

Often referred to as ‘Pitties,’ American Pit Bull Terriers face significant negative stigma and prejudice, mainly due to their robust frames and history as fighting dogs. But beneath the often-misunderstood exterior lies a goofy, loving, and trainable companion that makes a great family pet—here are 17 reasons why they deserve to be appreciated.


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Pit Bulls are renowned for being lovable and deeply attached to those they live with. WagWalking says they’re sometimes known as ‘velcro dogs’ due to their strong desire to be close to their humans at all times and dislike for being alone or excluded. They’re eager to please and love receiving affection, too—whether it’s pets, belly rubs, ear scratches, or hugs!


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According to Spark Paws, Pitties make some of the most devoted companions due to their unending adoration for those they live with and a strong preference for human companions over canine ones! So long as there are plenty of people to interact with, most Pit Bulls are happy being only dogs and form unbreakable, lifelong bonds with their favorite people.

Playful and Energetic

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Young Pit Bulls in particular are playful and full of boundless energy! They often love long walks and interactive games, although they are more likely to make you chase them with a stick than return them to you. Their playful, energetic spirits are often cited as one of the top reasons families with children opt for the breed.


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Contrary to popular belief, Pit Bulls are much more intelligent than people give them credit for. Being well-bonded to their human caregivers and eager to please, they often learn new skills and tricks quickly and keenly. They can be well-mannered and obedient companions if adequately trained from a young age (with positive, consistent reinforcement).

Great with Children

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Despite their athletic build and large, powerful jaws, Pitties are gentle and patient, especially with children. Unlike smaller, more neurotic breeds, they tend to be relaxed and nonchalant—the perfect addition to hectic family households. However, it is essential to note that no dog should be left alone with a young child, regardless of breed.


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So long as they have sufficient attention, mental stimulation, and exercise, Pit Bulls are surprisingly adaptable dogs that can thrive in almost any type of home. They are happy living in apartments in busy cities or on acres of wild farmland, and they also cope well with changing circumstances like house moves and vacations.

Low Maintenance

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The short, smooth coat of a Pit Bull is easy to keep clean and tidy, requiring little grooming. Although they benefit from regular bathing and brushing to remove dirt, odors, and loose hair, their coats don’t need anything like the amount of attention that Poodles or Huskies require. But if you live somewhere snowy, they may appreciate a doggy jacket in the winter!

Don’t Bark Much

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Any dog can bark a lot, but Pitties are generally minimal woofers—typically having a deep, unobtrusive bark that they don’t use excessively! If you can’t stand a yapping dog, they’re a great option because they tend to only vocalize when excited/surprised or alerting their families to potential threats.


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Talking of threats, Pit Bulls are excellent guard dogs and are often vigilant and courageous when defending their families and homes from potential dangers. They are known to be particularly protective of younger family members and will often ‘stand guard’ without being taught to do so.


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If you want a pet that will make you laugh, look no further than a Pit Bull! Their wide mouth often makes them look like they’re grinning (especially when panting), and they love to roll on their backs, interact with other pets, and sleep in amusing positions. Their playful silliness and love of food can make them very funny pets to live with.

Thrive on Positive Reinforcement

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Although they can seem somewhat stoic, Pitties respond very well to positive reinforcement training, like enthusiastic praise or tidbits. This is primarily due to their ability to form strong bonds with their owners, which is aided by their tendency to be food-oriented! If you offer encouragement, they will often flourish and respond.

Relatively Long Lifespan

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According to A-Z Animals, the longest-lived Pit Bull in history was Max, who lived for almost 30 years! Although that type of longevity is rare, most Pitties live for 10–15 years with proper care, medical attention, and nutrition, particularly the smaller females. This means more time as beloved family members!

Varied Coat Colors and Markings

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Of all dog breeds, Pit Bulls come in one of the widest ranges of coat colors and markings, including light brindle, dark brindle, fawn, black, tan, red, blue, and all of these with varying degrees of white! If appearances are important, you’re sure to find an individual that suits you or your children’s requirements.

Not Inherently Aggressive

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Although Forbes says they can be stubborn, they also describe Pit Bulls as friendly, eager to please, and highly tolerant. Their temperament is dependent on how they were bred, raised, and trained. If brought up in a loving environment with adequate socialization, Pitties make wonderfully well-rounded, calm, and laid-back dogs.

Rescuable and Affordable

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If you are keen to adopt a shelter dog or want to avoid expensive pedigree pups, a Pit Bull is the perfect choice. They’re the second most common dog found in shelters, after Jack Russell Terriers. Most are there at no fault of their own and would make great family pets at minimal cost, also freeing up space for other needy animals.


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As we’ve already learned, Pit Bulls thrive in families with children and often tolerate many other pets, too, including cats and other dogs of any breed. While any new pet needs to be appropriately introduced and supervised, a Pit Bull’s playful nature and ‘chilled out’ demeanor can make them excellent additions to already busy homes.

Suitable for Active People

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While they may never reach the top speeds of Greyhounds or other sprinters, Pitties have phenomenal determination and impressive stamina. Bred for endurance fighting against bulls and other dogs, they are naturally good at activities that require ongoing effort, such as hiking, agility training, and long games of chase at the dog park.

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