18 Redundant Products Car Dealerships Push But Aren’t Worth the Money

Car dealerships, the masters of the upsell, often try to sell us things for our cars that range from the flashy to the downright strange. Check out these 18 pointless products that could be pitched to you when you’re buying your next car.

Luxury Seat Covers

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Are you the type to get blinded by plush and luxurious seat covers? Sure, they might feel as soft as velvet, but they often don’t offer more comfort or durability than your standard seats. You might just find more joy in a simple and comfy cushion. 

Overpriced Navigation Systems

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In this day and age, splurging on an overpriced navigation system in your car is like throwing money into the wind. With smartphones doing the job perfectly, why bother? It’s just a flashy addition that’s frankly unnecessary.

Don’t let an overpriced navigation system steer your budget off course. With most smartphones offering excellent navigation apps, there’s no need to splurge on a pricey in-car system.

Heated Cup Holders

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Heated cup holders sound cool, but let’s be real – how often are we driving around with a drink that needs to stay hot for hours? It’s one of those things that sounds good in theory, but in practice, it’s just another button you’ll never use.

Upgraded Vanity Mirrors

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Upgraded vanity mirrors in cars? Please. The ones you’ve got are more than sufficient for a quick glance or touch-up. Spending extra for some fancy lighting around a mirror seems a bit over the top. Keep it simple, keep it practical.

Rear-Seat Entertainment Systems

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With everyone glued to their own devices these days, rear-seat entertainment systems are practically obsolete. It’s just another expensive, underused feature in a car that you could easily replace with a tablet or smartphone.

Glitzy Wheel Covers

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Those flashy wheel covers might catch your eye at the dealership, but trust me, they’re not worth it. They’re just cosmetic and don’t add any real value to your car. You’re better off sticking with what you’ve got.

Gold-Plated Emblem Kits

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Gold-plated emblem kits are a classic dealership upsell. They might look shiny, but they don’t make your car run any better. It’s all show and no go. Stick with the standard emblem and invest your money elsewhere.

Designer Car Key Wraps

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Designer car key wraps? Now that’s a laugh. Think about it – your keys spend most of their time hidden away. Wrapping them in some fancy material is like putting a tuxedo on your house cat. It might look fancy, but it’s utterly pointless and, frankly, a waste of good money.

Huge Roof Racks

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Those gigantic roof racks dealerships try to sell can turn your sleek ride into something that resembles an overloaded pack mule. Sure, they offer extra storage, but at what cost? They can mess with your car’s aerodynamics and guzzle up more fuel. Unless you’re regularly hauling kayaks or a family’s worth of camping gear, you’re better off without them.

High-Performance Air Filters

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High-performance air filters are a classic upsell. Dealers swear they’ll revolutionize your car’s performance, but let’s be real – for most drivers, the difference is negligible. You’re likely shelling out extra cash for a marginal gain. Stick with a standard filter; your car will breathe just fine.

Blinking Valve Caps

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Blinking valve caps on your tires might seem like a cool, flashy addition, but they’re actually a distraction. They’re like those light-up sneakers kids wear – fun for a minute, but not practical. In fact, they could end up being more annoying than anything else, especially on a long night drive.

High-End Car Vacuums

Photo Credit: Blachkovsky/Shutterstock.

A built-in high-end car vacuum sounds like a neat feature, but in reality, it’s overkill. These fancy vacuums promise convenience, but a regular handheld vacuum will do the job just as well, and for a fraction of the price. Plus, do you really want to pay a premium for something you’ll use once in a blue moon?

Chrome Tailpipe Tips

Photo Credit: Hanjo Stier/Shutterstock.

Chrome tailpipe tips are like the car equivalent of a flashy watch – they look nice but don’t actually do anything. Adding a bit of shine to your exhaust might seem cool in the showroom, but it won’t improve your ride’s performance one bit. Your car’s rear end doesn’t need jewelry.

Premium Car Wash Packages

Photo Credit: Nadezda Murmakova/Shutterstock.

Premium car wash packages are one of those things dealers push that you really don’t need. They’ll promise your car will shine like never before, but the truth is, a regular wash does the job just fine. All those extra waxes and polishes? They’re more about making you spend more than giving you more shine.

Hand-Stitched Steering Wheel Covers

Photo Credit: zkolra/Shutterstock.

Hand-stitched steering wheel covers are often sold as a luxury upgrade, but honestly, they’re just a cosmetic fluff. Your hands won’t know the difference between a hand-stitched cover and the wheel itself. Plus, those covers can slip and slide, which is the last thing you want when you’re driving.

Fancy Windshield Wipers

Photo Credit: Tito Wong/Shutterstock.

Dealerships might try to dazzle you with high-tech windshield wipers, but here’s the thing: they’re just wipers. Sure, they promise streak-free vision and durability, but so do regular wipers at a much more reasonable price. Don’t get swept up in the hype.

Painted Brake Calipers

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Painted brake calipers are all about looks and not much else. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig – sure, it’s colorful, but it doesn’t change what’s underneath. Spend your money on maintaining your brakes’ performance, not their appearance.

Bespoke Vehicle Fragrances

Photo Credit: Saroj Khuendee/Shutterstock.

Finally, those bespoke vehicle fragrances. Dealers will try to sell you on the idea of a custom scent for your car, but it’s just a fancier, more expensive version of an air freshener. Stick with something simple from the store and save your money for things that actually matter.

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