Sanders Posits How a ‘Humiliated’ Trump Could End Democracy in the US

Progressive Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders warned former President Donald Trump’s personal vendettas could see American democracy collapse in a recent interview. Sanders also warned Biden to focus on working-class concerns or risk election defeat to ‘demagogue’ Trump.

If you thought he was bad last time…

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In a recently published interview, Sanders told the Guardian he believed the “bitter” and “humiliated” GOP frontrunner would be more vindictive than his first term if he were elected president in November.

Going after his enemies

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“He’s made that clear,” Sanders said. “There’s a lot of personal bitterness; he’s a bitter man; having gone through four indictments, humiliated, he’s going to take it out on his enemies.”

Let Americans know

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The progressive stressed that with stakes that high, it was essential “to explain to the American people what that means to them ― what the collapse of American democracy will mean to all of us.”

Sanders gets Trump appeal

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Sanders told the Guardian that despite believing another term of Trump in office would be a catastrophe, he understood why the former president’s strongman persona resonated with so many Americans.

Strongman Trump

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“Trump comes along and says, ‘I’ll be your strong guy; I’ll deal with all your anxieties—immigration, transgender issues, race—I’ll be there for you,’” the senator explained.

Not “deplorables”

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He added that he did not “believe that all of Trump’s supporters are racist or sexist or homophobes. I think what’s going on in this country is a belief that the government is failing ordinary Americans.”

Address blue-collar worries

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Sanders also stressed the importance of Biden’s reelection campaign focusing on working-class concerns ahead of the November election.

Fast action

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“He has got to say, in my view, that if he is re-elected, within two months he will bring about the sweeping changes the working class of this country desperately need.”

Don’t let history repeat itself

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The senator stressed the importance of Biden’s role in the election, adding, “The challenge we face is to be able to show people that government in a democratic society can address their very serious needs. If we do that, we defeat Trump. If we do not, then we are the Weimar Republic of the early 1930s.”

Trump’s strong performance

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Trump, meanwhile, has recently enjoyed winning the Iowa caucuses by a wide margin, winning 51 percent of the vote, with rival Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, coming in at a distant second at 21 percent. The former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was expected to achieve second place but placed third with 18 percent.


Photo Credit: Evan El-Amin/

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