1. Jamie V says:

    I must say, I’m a fan of your more original investment ideas. I’m trying to read as many PF blogs as I can and talk to as many people as I can about investing, and you are the first one who’s talked about things like timber harvesting and cattle investing. It’s what I’m looking for: my boyfriend and I are slowly on our way into the farming industry/business and I’d like some of our investments (both time and money) to be not only very diversified but related to future endeavors (after a couple years of research, we did recently buy some alpacas and one is already pregnant – joy!). I will need to go look in your posting history for more related articles!

    • Jim says:

      Well thank you Jamie! Since I am no longer a fan of traditional investment options such as 401k’s and IRA’s, I have made it my passion to seek alternatives. I refuse to be the person who accepts limited options, so I will make sure to pass on anything I can..Possibly even info on Alpaca investing! Congrats on your success of getting yours pregnant!

  2. I’d never have thought to invest in cattle but that sounds like a fun way to make money. The tax lien idea is particularly intriguing. Do you find the fees involved with having someone manage the process to be palatable?

    • Jim says:

      Yes, the fees are certainly palatable. They charge 12% of the profit I earn. For instance, if I have a $1000 lien that pays in full in year one, I get my principal back plus the 88% of the interest charged. So those liens that pay out over a longer term are actually good, because I am making more the longer it is drawn out. Many of the liens will pay back in 30 days and all I get is my principal back plus a very minimal interest fee. Hope that helps!

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