17 Signs Someone Relies on Their Pet to Make Them Happy

We find our happiness where we can get it, and no one has the right to judge. However, sometimes people lean too much into the things that bring them joy. In this article, we look at 17 signs that someone’s pets are their number one source of happiness. 

Prioritizing Pet Comfort

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Ensuring the utmost comfort and well-being of their pet is a top priority for dedicated pet owners. According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent over $99 billion on their pets. This shows how much people care about their pets, making sure they have the best life possible.

Frequent Pet Photos

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For many, capturing and sharing every cute and memorable moment of their pet is a joyous part of daily life. Their social media accounts are full of photos and stories about their furry friends. They capture every little thing their pet does, from playing to sleeping. 

Talking to Their Pet

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Having conversations with a pet as if they understand might mean you need some human friends. Sharing thoughts, feelings, and daily experiences with your pet isn’t normal, but once in a while is okay. A pet can be a trusted friend who listens without judgment, providing a sense of comfort and companionship that is hard to find in humans.

Constant Companionship

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A survey by the Pew Research Center found that 97% of pet owners say their pets are like family members. However, people obsessed with their pets take it a step further. They always have their pets close, preferring their company over people sometimes. This constant and reliable companionship provides the emotional support that they need in difficult times. 

Expressing Concern Over Pet Health

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Pet owners often worry about their pet’s health. They get nervous if their pet seems sick, and take them to the vet regularly and look up the best ways to keep them healthy. Treat My OCD says that this fear sometimes comes from fearing that our pets will die before us. They naturally live shorter than we do, and this causes us worry. 

Training and Competing with Pets

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Many pet owners spend time teaching their pets how to jump, run, and dance. They join pet sports or shows, and when they win, they feel proud of their pet’s successes. The National Dog Show has been going on for 125 years, bringing the most dedicated dog owners together every year. 

Pet-Centric Schedules

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The day-to-day life of some pet owners revolves entirely around their pet’s schedule and needs. They plan their day around what the pet needs, from feeding times to walks. Sometimes they even skip out on human activities to make sure their pet is happy and well cared for. 

Emotional Support Animals

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Emotional support animals are more than just pets. They can play a crucial role in the emotional and mental well-being of their owners, often becoming indispensable. They help people with emotional or mental health issues. Doctors sometimes recommend having a pet for those who need emotional stability, showing the important role pets play in maintaining mental health.

Gift-Giving to Pets

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Treating pets with gifts and celebrating milestones is a way for owners to express their love and happiness. You can give them things like toys or special treats. Celebrating your pet’s birthdays or special occasions shows how much you care. Don’t overdo it, though. They are animals at the end of the day. 

Pet-Influenced Social Life

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Some people’s social lives revolve around their pets, affecting who they meet and how they interact. They end up choosing activities where they can bring their pets along, like dog parks or pet-friendly cafés. They often meet and bond with others who love pets, too. 

Reflecting on Pet Memories

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Many pet owners love remembering their pets. They think about the good times with past pets, keep photos or things that remind them of them, and share stories about how their pets changed their lives. These memories are precious, showing how deep the bond is between pets and their owners, lasting even after the pets are gone.

Including Pets in Major Decisions

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For some, pets are a significant factor in life’s major decisions, from choosing a home to planning finances. They think about their pets’ needs, like enough space to play or how much pet care costs. Pets even affect career choices or where someone decides to live, proving they are a big part of their owner’s life decisions.

Using Pets to Fill a Void

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When pets start to fill every space in someone’s life, it might be too much. Some people get pets to feel less lonely, form strong bonds quickly, or have pets as their main company. While pets are great for companionship, relying on them too much for emotional support might mean one needs more balance in human relationships.

Matching Outfits and Accessories

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For some, coordinating outfits with their pets is a fun and expressive way to show their bond. Some people buy clothes that match their pets, get themed accessories, or dress up for pet fashion shows. Depending on whom you ask, this is either very sweet or very creepy. 

Prioritizing Pet Friendships

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A typical weekend for a pet-obsessed owner includes setting up pet play dates to ensure the right amount of socialization for their pets. They might even ignore their own social lives and well-being just to get their dogs to have some fun. 

Pets as a Source of Identity

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For some, their pet is not just a companion but a key part of their identity and how they are perceived by others. You might have heard of people who identify as cat people or dog people. Why not have both? All animals are great. 

Involvement in Pet Communities

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Participating in pet communities is common among those who find joy in their pets. By joining online pet forums, pet owner groups, or volunteering for animal welfare, they deepen the bond with their pets. Engagement in these communities creates a sense of belonging and shared purpose with fellow pet enthusiasts.

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