18 Signs You Were Meant for Greater Things in Life

You may have always wondered if you were destined for greater things in life. There are specific signs to look out for to understand if you were meant for greater things. So, if you spot any of these 18 points, then it could be the case that you’re heading that way.

Embracing Your Inner Idealist

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Purpose Fairy writes that if you see yourself as an idealist, it doesn’t make you crazy, but creative. Embracing your inner idealist means understanding your vision for a better world. You have the power to create your own reality and see idealism as a strength where you can make impactful changes.

Following Your Passion Relentlessly

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You will always prioritize what you love over monetary gain. This is because you know that true happiness comes from doing what you love, and you’ll never sacrifice this. There’s a sense of fulfillment that comes from pursuing your passion, and you’ll always make time for this.

Valuing Experiences Over Possessions

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You prefer to put all your focus into creating memories rather than saving to purchase possessions. You understand that happiness comes from experiences and not material things. Life is about the journey and the people you meet along the way, especially as these people could turn into meaningful relationships.

Seeking Genuine Connections

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It’s important to have depth in our relationships. For example, Global English Editing writes, “We seek genuine connections, not just casual acquaintances. We crave conversations that stir our soul, not just small talk.” If you’re on your way to greater things, then you’re going to want to surround yourself with authentic people.

Letting Go of Past Grudges

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You will always choose peace over bitterness. You know that there’s a huge amount of liberation that comes with forgiveness. Letting go of past grudges means that you can move forward with wisdom and strength. You can’t take these grudges with you on your journey to greater things.

Your Resourcefulness

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This means you can make things happen against all odds. You see resourcefulness as a critical success skill, which is a quality many entrepreneurs have. Being resourceful is an incredibly useful skill that means you can get just about anything done in life. Having this skill is a sign that you’re destined to be great.

Natural Problem-Solving Abilities

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Goalcast writes, “If you’re a natural problem-solver, you were practically made to be an entrepreneur. However, beyond that, being a natural problem-solver is a sign you’re destined for greatness no matter what you do.” If you can easily tackle challenges, then it shows you’re heading for great things.

Unwavering Persistence

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If you have the ability to get up every time you’re knocked down, then it could be a sign you were meant for greater things in life. It can also be a sign if you’re able to maintain a high amount of energy through challenges. You know that persistence is a key quality of successful people.

Change Is in Your Hands

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You believe in personal and world change. You know that things don’t just happen; instead, you need to take hold of your destiny and change things to be how you need them. You will always seek improvements in your life, not just for yourself but for others as well.

You Believe in Doing Things Your Way

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You have a belief that things should be done your way, as this will create a bigger impact. You value freedom and flexibility in all of your life choices. You know it’s important to live life with a purpose, and this is what comes from doing things your way.

Loving What You Do Unconditionally

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You will always work with your passion, even if there’s no money involved. For example, Harvard Business Review writes that it’s all about “the deep, fervent interest and enjoyment you derive from a particular activity, cause, or field.” You can always find a purpose in your passion and recognize its contribution to the world.

Trusting Your Intuition

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You know how important it is to always listen to your internal guidance system. You understand that the guidance of your intuition is a powerful tool for creation. Another way to put it is that you should always let your “spidey senses” guide you to where you need to go in life.

Striving for Continuous Improvement

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If you’ve always seen personal development as a lifelong journey, then it could be a sign you’re meant for the greater things in life. You will always dedicate your time and energy to bettering yourself and embrace any challenges that may come with it.

Finding Genuine Happiness

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If you’re able to discover joy in many different moments, then it could be a sign you’re destined for greater things. For example, A Conscious Rethink writes, “You try to discover happiness in as many moments as you can and you treasure it for as long as it lasts.”

Reducing Drama in Your Life

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If you shy away as soon as drama appears in your life, then it may be that you’re meant for greater things. You prefer to keep peace and calm in your life and see drama as something pointless and unnecessary. You can recognize that there’s growth in reducing confrontation, as it’s something that isn’t needed.

Making Tough Decisions Confidently

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You find it easy to make significant choices head-on. You know that you need to feel empowered to take charge of your life, and this comes from passion and confidence. You always understand the importance of clarity and persistence and ensure you use these skills in decision-making.

Impacting Others Positively

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Arcadia writes, “One of the most rewarding things in life is helping others. When we put someone else’s needs before our own, it makes us feel good about ourselves and strengthens our relationships.” Being happy around others can be a source of warmth and light and have an unseen impact on a person.

Embracing Life’s Ups and Downs

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You understand that reality means life has many ups and downs. Instead of looking negatively at the downs, you’re able to see them as opportunities for growth. There’s a sense of resilience that comes with overcoming adversity, as it helps you learn who you are as a person.

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