18 Signs Your Workplace Is Toxic

Is your workplace environment getting you down? Then this might not be a simple case of the workplace blues; your environment might be toxic. You’ll find 18 signs that your workplace is toxic in this article.

No One Trusts Anyone

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According to Matchr.com, the “majority of employees admit to stealing from their employer at least once in their lifetime.” But what if there are a lot of reports of theft in your workplace? A feeling of distrust among you and your colleagues will do nothing but destroy workplace morale and create tension between all.

You Are Chronically Stressed

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Are you dealing with a lot of stress at your workplace? While some stress is common and normal, you should not be feeling chronically stressed or overwhelmed by feelings of stress. Feelings like these are damaging and can cause many health problems, such as headaches, backaches, and frequent colds, says American CPR Training.

Your Boss Is Always Angry

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Is your boss or one of your superiors an angry person? Do they get into a mood or lose their cool over the slightest discrepancy? Working with someone who chooses anger as their first reaction is scary and too common. “More than one in ten (12%) [people] say that they have trouble controlling their own anger,” says Counselling For Kids.

You Are Constantly Being Watched

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Does your boss or superior stand over you all day? Are they constantly checking that you are being productive at work and picking up on every mistake you make? This is not a pleasant environment to work in, and it will make you feel extremely stressed.

There’s No Friendship

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“Good friends are good for your health. Friends prevent isolation and loneliness and give you a chance to offer needed companionship, too,” says the Mayo Clinic. But what if the people in your workplace are not friendly? What if there aren’t any workplace friendships? Then this is a very toxic environment.

The Atmosphere Is Negative

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Statistics from Care Counseling show that “80% of our thoughts are negative and 95% of our thoughts are repetitive.” That’s a lot of negativity. What if the atmosphere at your workplace is often negative? Then you will spend hours of your day engaging in pessimistic and destructive thoughts.

Your Colleagues Are Hypersensitive

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We all need to work in an environment where we can communicate openly with our colleagues without offending them. But what if your colleagues are hypersensitive? Then you might feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells. You are afraid to make any suggestions about work strategies because you fear how others will react.

Your Colleagues Are Addicts

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Do some or the majority of your coworkers engage in self-destructive addictive behaviors such as substance abuse? Then they might not be the easiest colleagues to work with. The BlueCrest Recovery Center states that drugs “cause issues with concentration, reasoning, and problem-solving. [They] often impair judgment and the ability to make rational decisions.”

Your Boss Is a Perfectionist

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We all want to do our jobs to the best of our ability. But at the same time, we recognize that making mistakes is a part of life. Is your boss a perfectionist? Then they might fly off the handle when you make an error. Working with a perfectionist will make you feel stressed all the time.

Your Boss Is Impulsive

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Does your boss say yes to various commitments without consulting their team? Do they make changes in the workplace at the drop of a hat? Working under a compulsive boss can be very unnerving. You never know what you’re doing or what to expect, and you are constantly under pressure.

There’s No Communication

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Is there a communication problem in your workplace? Do people fail to talk decisions through and implement changes without consulting anyone? Working in an environment where people do not communicate can be frustrating, as you may end up missing deadlines without knowing or completing tasks that are unnecessary.

There’s Conflict

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Is there a conflict between a few of your colleagues? Conflict and cliques can make it very challenging for a team to move forward and be successful. Confrontational situations, bullying, and general rudeness make it challenging for you to have the desire to turn up at work each day.

You Don’t Receive Thanks

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Do you do a good job at your workplace all day, all week, and all month without receiving any thanks or praise from your employer? Do your colleagues seldom say thank you for your efforts? Working in a thankless environment can be draining and make you feel like your work is futile and unappreciated.

There’s No Room to Grow

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Setting goals is really important for you to grow as a person and have something to work toward. But what if there isn’t a growth incentive in your workplace? What if there aren’t any training programs or initiatives? Then you may feel trapped and cramped in your job, with no opportunity to reach your full potential.

There’s No Support

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Being able to work as a team is important. If there is a very competitive spirit in your workplace where no one wants to help anyone, it can feel very lonely. We need the support of one another to stay motivated, bounce ideas off of one another, and improve our work skills.

You Have No Say

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Can you see some ways in which your workplace could improve? What if you are powerless to say something about it? If your boss is reluctant to listen to suggestions and does not like to implement changes, then working for them will become very frustrating.

There’s No Job Security

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Are you working for a business that is always making personnel cuts and often talks about letting people go? Working for a company that does not offer you job security can make you feel constantly anxious. You might feel forced to go to work even when you’re sick because you fear being let go.

Your Manager Is Too Lenient

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Is the manager where you work overly lenient? Do people take advantage of them? Working under a manager who cannot keep their staff in order is definitely a challenge. The success of the business is at stake if your boss cannot keep things under control. This might make you worry about your future.

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