Simple Ways to Be Happier About Your Work

In case you spend most of your day at work, being miserable the whole time is not the best thing for your productivity and results. Of course, everyone dreams about being paid for something they truly love doing, but you don’t have to love your current work. And instead of looking through updated job opportunities and considering quitting, try changing your attitude and strategies, and make your nine-to-five more pleasant.

Make the dreadful first

No matter what you dread every day, try making it as soon as possible and not leave it for the end of the day. Handling thins you hate the first will help you stay calmer till the end of the day, so try planning your work this way.

Stop Complaining

Especially about the things you cannot change. Of course, nothing can be easier than complaining about the colleague who should have been let go during the previous downsizing, or about the annoying manager. But the process of wining about the things that does not depend on you only contributes to your misery and does not change the situation for better. Instead of focusing on the bad, think what you can change, and spend all your energy there.

Make Friends

Of course, you already have friends, but you should have at least one-two people among your colleagues that you get along with pretty well. Of course, you cannot be best friend for everyone in your office, but having someone you can lunch with, or simply have a talk at the copying machine can make a great difference.

Give Compliments

No one asks you to lie around – just tell other people that they are doing well or that they look good (but try not to be accused of sexual harassment). Remember that even nice word from colleague can make other person’s day much better, and it will give you a boost as well. Who knows, maybe your nice habit will somehow better the culture of the office. Just be sincere.

Notice Good Things

Whenever something good happens at your work, try noting it down. It may seem to be a bit silly, but when the hard times come, remembering something pleasant might be helpful in overcoming the stress.

Take Breaks

Sitting and staring at your computer screen all day long will make anyone feel depressed and angry. Get up once in a while, walk around and stretch. Mental and physical breaks will help you make a difference to your working routine. Having a cup of tea or a little talk with a colleague will be a good alternative.