Social Media Mocks Donald Trump Jr. for Outlandish COVID Claims – ‘An Insane Liar Like His Daddy’

Donald Trump Jr. is facing X (formerly Twitter) ridicule after accusing people of “touting Bidenomics” and then stating that he cannot think of a “single metric” by which “anyone is better off now than three years ago, even before COVID.”

Trump Jr.’s hot take

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At a recent Iowa campaign event, Trump’s son made a puzzling statement that left many onlookers scratching their heads. “I can’t think of a single metric where anyone is better off now than they were three years ago – even with COVID, frankly,” he asserted.

Fake news

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Many were quick to point out that his COVID-19 claim alone was provably false. According to the CDC, weekly COVID deaths are down significantly compared to numbers from three years ago.

A ridiculous assertion

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Other improved metrics noted by commentators included the stock market, employment rates, homicides, and crime levels. Trump Jr.’s sweeping statement, which failed to take these statistics into account, quickly became the subject of ridicule on social media.

‘Thinking isn’t his strength’

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Jonathan Chait, a writer for New York magazine, mocked Trump Jr.’s remarks in a post on X. “There are lots of things Junior can’t think of that exist. Thinking isn’t his strength,” he tweeted.

The Trump family’s lies

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“Republicans have gotten away with lying about the economy for years now, so now they’re going even further by claiming Trump’s recession economy *during COVID* was better than today’s economy. They think you’re stupid,” commented YouTuber and podcaster Brian Tyler Cohen.

False COVID claims

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Broadcaster and author Mehdi Hasan also pointed out the falsity of Trump Jr.’s strange COVID claim. “How about, I dunno, the number of people dying… from Covid?” he posted on X.

Facts speak for themselves

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“3 years ago this week, the week of January 9, 2021. In the waning days of the Trump presidency. That was the single worst week of the entire pandemic in terms of deaths. Nearly 26,000 Americans died of COVID that week. Deaths are down more than 90%. That seems much better,” physician Ashish K. Jha tweeted.

Soaring COVID deaths under Trump

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Democratic Twitter star JoJoFromJerz also took the opportunity to mock the ex-president’s son. “The record high 25,974 Americans who died from Covid in a single week just before his father left office could not be reached for comment,” she posted.

Effortless lies

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Journalist Aaron Rupar held nothing back in his criticism of the Republican. “They lie effortlessly and about everything,” he said. “This one is so silly it doesn’t even need to be debunked for those of us without terminal brainworms.”

Lies run in the family

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Social media influencer Spiro’s Ghost shared similarly insulting remarks. “The real question is…is he an insane liar like his daddy or just an incredible level of moron or…both?” he asked.

Look at the facts

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“Be a real shame if there was a detailed triannual survey that gave information about the financial status of American households,” Twitter star Matt Darling sarcastically remarked.

Trump’s failed COVID response

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Podcaster Tim O’Brien took a jab at both Trump and his son in his X post. “Trump and his administration utterly fumbled the initial response to Covid-19. And Covid-19 killed more than one million Americans. So those poor souls certainly aren’t better off,” he asserted.


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