Social Media Ridicules Trump for Claiming That Magnets Don’t Work Underwater

Trump recently set social media ablaze by exposing his lack of knowledge on how magnets work. While attempting to criticize the Navy for using large magnets to raise aircraft elevators onto an aircraft carrier, the ex-president said that magnets don’t work underwater.

Trump’s magnet tangent

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During a recent rally in Mason City, Iowa, Trump embarked on a strange rant about electromagnetic catapults and magnetic lift systems designed for United States aircraft carriers. “I could tell you about aircraft carriers, where they use electric catapults. They couldn’t go to the steam, which works better for about 1/100th the price, you know? The electric catapult, you know that story?” he began.

Spectators left confused

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“I could tell you about the elevators on a tremendous carrier, the Gerald Ford, and they decided not to use hydraulic like the John Deere tractor, they decided to use magnets,” Trump continued, leaving many onlookers confused as to where the ex-president’s spiel was going.

The infamous blunder

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However, his argument finally concluded with an assertion nobody saw coming. “They had almost a billion-dollar cost over on the magnetic elevators,” he said. “Think of it, magnets. Now all I know about magnets is this: give me a glass of water, let me drop it on the magnets, that’s the end of the magnets.”

Trump likes John Deere

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The former president finished off by making several references to manufacturing company John Deere. “Why didn’t they use John Deere? Why didn’t they bring in the John Deere people?” he asked. “Do you like John Deere? I like John Deere.”

Trump’s blunder goes viral

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After a clip of Trump’s magnet mistake was posted to X, the politician’s slip-up garnered over 16 million views and thousands of comments insulting his intelligence.

Social media ridicules Trump

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Many prominent social media accounts were quick to mock the ex-president’s lack of magnet knowledge. “Um, this is awkward,” said an X post by liberal research group American Bridge 21st Century. “Trump doesn’t know that magnets work underwater.”

Pedro Gonzalez reacts

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Another social media star who took the opportunity to criticize Trump was Pedro Gonzalez, who tweeted, “You know I think this is going to make it hard for them to argue Biden is mentally unfit.”

Mehdi Hasan chimes in

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Author and MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan reposted the clip on X alongside the caption, “If you’re worried about your president being senile or out of it, this is totally the guy to vote for in November.”

Lawrence O’Donnell attacks Trump

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Hasan’s MSNBC colleague Lawrence O’Donnell shared similar sentiments, taking to X to call Trump’s theory “relentlessly stupid.”

Democrats call out Trump’s mistakes

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Democratic writer and influencer JoJoFromJerz also took the opportunity to tweet her thoughts on the ex-president’s latest blunder. “Donald Trump said that magnets don’t work in water, that no one would know who Lincoln was if we hadn’t had a Civil War & that there were airports during the Revolutionary War, all while bragging about being able to identify an elephant correctly,” she said.

Republican hypocrisy

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Highlighting the hypocrisy of Trump supporters criticizing Biden’s lack of mental clarity, author and MSNBC analyst David Corn commented, “If Biden said something this dumb, Fox would pronounce him brain-dead.”

Joyce Vance mocks Trump

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Former Alabama district attorney Joyce Vance found humor in Trump’s confusion, tweeting, “It feels like this is the point where @BillNye has some narration to do.”


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