17 States Americans No Longer Want to Live In

America is constantly changing, and within it, so are its states. Some have new laws that residents don’t agree with, while others have increasing rates of unemployment or areas of extreme poverty. These aspects make it difficult for a person to stay in their home state. Here are 17 states that Americans are deciding to reconsider.


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Missouri has challenging weather conditions. For example, Missouri’s State Emergency Management Agency writes, “Because of Missouri’s geography, the state frequently experiences natural disasters. Ice storms, tornadoes, severe storms, and flooding are all common occurrences in Missouri.” In recent years, Missouri has seen a higher move-out rate of 51.8% compared to those moving in.


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There are high poverty rates in Mississippi. This poverty and the state’s higher unemployment rates are driving people out of it as they look for better opportunities. Over half the movers in Mississippi left the state due to employment reasons. The state may have a slower pace of life, but residents still need adequate job opportunities.


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The population in Wisconsin is much older than in other states, and it also has a declining birth rate. There’s a high outbound move rate of 52.1%, and this is commonly because of limited job opportunities and family reasons. Property in Wisconsin is expensive to purchase, and income tax is high for middle-class families.


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Rent Cafe writes, “The cost of living in Maryland is 22% higher than the national average.” With expensive houses and high rent costs, many people are moving away from the state due to its lack of job opportunities and high cost of living.

North Dakota

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North Dakota has a sparse population, and it keeps becoming sparser as more and more people are moving out of it. People are usually leaving due to wanting a better life for their family or because there’s a lack of work opportunities. The winter months can also become incredibly cold, which also doesn’t help when trying to encourage people to stay.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
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Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate is incredibly high, at 5.4%. There’s a limited job market outside of the major cities, making it hard for its residents to land a job if they want to stay in their small town. Its iconic food hasn’t been enough to keep residents, with outbound moves of 52.6%.


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According to the Minnesota Reformer, “state and local taxes in Minnesota are indeed higher than those in surrounding states.” Not only does the state have high taxes, but the winters are also incredibly harsh. These issues are causing residents to move out of the state and seek better opportunities elsewhere.


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Many of the younger generations are leaving Kansas for states that have better job opportunities and more progressive laws. Kansas may have a low cost of living, but there’s limited diversity in jobs, making it hard for younger people to start their careers. Many moves have occurred due to employment and political reasons.


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With Las Vegas bringing in high amounts of tourism, this is where most job opportunities are. MoneyWise supports this by writing, “Tourism is the main industry in Nevada – no surprises there – but the job market is pretty limited for those who seek other sources of employment.” This is forcing residents to leave, unless they want a career in tourism.


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Tennessee lacks inclusivity laws, especially those aimed at the LGBTQ community. Along with these issues of inclusiveness, Tennessee also has high crime rates. While the state may have great childcare facilities and high-quality air, it isn’t enough to keep residents in the state, with many moving due to its political issues.


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Indiana has poor access to licensed childcare and limited public health spending. While the state’s crime rates may be lower than most, residents still want to leave for better healthcare options, especially if they have families to take care of.

New Mexico

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Safe Home writes, “Whether they rent or buy, everyone wants to know they’re making a smart decision when it comes to how much risk they’re under from property crime. Unfortunately, New Mexico remains a hotspot of crimes like burglary and auto theft.” Along with high crime rates, New Mexico also has poor air quality and struggles with public health.


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Louisiana has high crime rates and poor health statistics. There’s healthcare available for Louisiana residents; however, the state’s healthcare resources have been questioned due to their effectiveness. There are still socio-economic issues in Louisiana centered around race that are forcing people to leave.

South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina
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South Carolina has a low number of hospital beds that are available for its residents. The state has weak voting rights, high crime rates, and other challenges in healthcare. The state doesn’t follow the national trend in racial and ethnic diversity, which is also causing residents to move out of the state.


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Oklahoma’s health statistics are considerably low. This is backed up by Extension, which writes, “Poor nutrition and limited physical activity contribute to Oklahoma’s poor health ranking of 46th in the nation.” The state’s poor health statistics can come from poor vaccination rates in children and the state’s unhealthy eating habits.


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Texas has limited childcare options and a stressed healthcare system, both of which are causing residents to find homes in other states. A high number of residents don’t have any healthcare insurance, which is most likely due to its price. Also, residents have had restrictions on their voting rights.


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Arizona has a poor healthcare system and bad air quality. Crime rates are higher than average, and there’s a low amount of spending on public health. While it may have an attractive climate and beautiful scenery, this doesn’t defeat the fact that there are struggles with healthcare and public safety.

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