17 Street Foods Around the World That Beat Gourmet Restaurants

You may have heard good things about street food from other travelers, or maybe you’ve had a taste for it yourself. Street food is known for its delicious tastes and smells, and let’s not forget the low price point. Here are 17 street foods around the world that beat gourmet restaurants.

Sandes de Lula – Lisbon, Portugal

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Timeout writes, “Treat yourself to quintessential Portuguese bites, like a delicately fried squid sandwich that’s slathered in spicy homemade mayo that’s spiked with lime zest.” This sandwich is served at Portugal’s oldest kiosk, Quiosque de São Paulo. Even though it may sound gourmet, to the Portuguese, it’s an everyday filling.

Knafeh – Sydney, Australia

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Knafeh is a sweet Levantine dessert that has been made by the “Bearded Bakers.” This dessert is served in a hot and crispy shell with crumbled pistachios and syrup. The “Bearded Bakers” aren’t just known for their incredible street food; they’re also famous entertainers in Sydney.

Japanese-Korean Hot Dog – Madrid, Spain

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The Japanese-Korean hot dog can be found at the GoXO food truck in Madrid. The hot dog combines flavors of both Japan and Korea and is served in a Westernized hot dog to create a delicious street food. You’ll find the GoXO food truck located at the foot of El Corte Inglés de Castellana.

Fish and Chips – England

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This is one of the most classic dishes that comes from England and is nearly 200 years old. This is supported by The Daily Meal, which writes, “Enterprising Brits decided to serve battered cod or haddock and chips together in the mid-1800s. Sprinkled with salt and vinegar, it’s also often served with a side of mushy peas, curry sauce, gravy or ketchup.”

Focaccia – Italy

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Focaccia is an Italian bread that’s made from high-gluten flour, oil, water, salt, and yeast. It’s usually topped with herbs, cheese, and onions to give the bread extra flavor. You can purchase it in Italy as either a snack, starter, or sandwich bread. No matter which option you choose, your taste buds will thank you for it.

Gelato – Italy

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Gelato is known for having a richer flavor and being less fatty compared to American ice cream. It comes in a wide range of flavors, with fruity or chocolate options. It’s also commonly flavored with nuts, fruits, and other natural ingredients. You can pick this up from kiosks dotted all over Italy, and it’s considered a must-try treat.

Ćevapi – Bosnia and Herzegovina

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This street food consists of minced meat that’s served on a flatbread with onions and kajmak. Says Britannica, “These small rolls of seasoned ground meat, typically a mixture of beef and lamb, are grilled and usually served in a bread pocket.” It’s considered the national dish of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it’s easy to see why.

Acarajé – Brazil (Bahia)

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This is an Afro-Brazilian dish of spiced beans that have been mashed and fried in dende oil. Acarajé will often be served with shrimp, herbs, and sauces to ensure the beans are packed with plenty of flavor. Try this street food to give yourself a taste of Bahia’s rich cultural heritage.

Bubble Tea – Taiwan

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Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. The tea comes in a variety of flavors, such as black tea, mango, and lychee. The tea features chewy tapioca balls, which are also known as “boba.” It’s these balls that give it the bubble effect. Bubble tea is a refreshing drink, but be warned, it’s also addictive.

Poutine – Quebec, Canada

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The Spruce Eats describes poutine as “freshly made fries cooked until perfectly crispy, squeaky fresh cheese curds cut into small pieces, and well-seasoned made-from-scratch gravy.” It’s the ultimate comfort food and a greasy and filling snack best enjoyed at local diners or roadside eateries.

Dim Sum – Hong Kong

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Dim sum is an assortment of steam-fried Cantonese dumplings. They come in a variety of flavors and fillings, so it’s a street food you can never get bored of. Dim sum is a staple in Hong Kong, and there’s no doubt about its delicious flavors and convenience.

Langos – Hungary

Photo Credit: csikiphoto/Shutterstock.

Langos is fried dough that’s then topped with garlic, cream, and cheese. It’s a versatile Hungarian dish, and you can choose between sweet and savory flavors. So whether you want a spot of lunch or a sweet treat, there are plenty of options with langos.

Arepas – Bogotá, Colombia

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Arepas are traditional Colombian flatbreads that are usually eaten at breakfast. This is supported by Fodors, which writes, “Typically eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, arepas are filling flatbreads made from maize or flour that can be grilled, baked, or fried to pillowy perfection.”

Crêpes – Paris, France

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Crêpes are thin pancakes where you can have a variety of different fillings. Depending on your preference, you can choose from sweet or savory, with popular flavors including chocolate, fruit, ham, and cheese. This street food is a staple in Parisian cuisine and can be purchased at any time of the day.

Bánh Mì – Vietnam

Photo Credit: phamlehuynhngan/Shutterstock.

Even though this street food originates from Vietnam, French baguettes are filled with meats, vegetables, and herbs. Not only is this street food delicious, but it’s a perfect example of how two foods from different cultures can blend so seamlessly. The flavors of the spices represent the diverse flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

Karaage – Japan

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Euronews writes, “Karaage refers to a Japanese cooking technique in which small pieces of meat or fish – usually chicken – are marinated, coated in flour, and deep fried.” Karaage is usually served with lemon wedges and mayonnaise to give your food some extra flavor. It’s a popular, crispy street food in Japan that you should certainly try.

Griot – Miami, USA (Haitian Cuisine)

Photo Credit: AS Foodstudio/Shutterstock.

Griot is an authentic Haitian dish that’s made of marinated and fried pork. It’s a cultural staple in this city, especially in Miami’s Little Haiti. Griot is known for its rich flavors and history and is a delicious street food to try if you visit Miami.

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