How to Find the Amount You Get Back from Taxes

Find the Amount You Get Back from Taxes
The average American gets back over $2,000 a year as a federal income tax refund, which they appreciate. Many Americans like getting a large refund and consider it their de facto savings account. Some purposely claim zero on their W-4 forms so that they will get back a larger refund. Of course, financial advisors suggest you don’t do this because you’re essentially giving the government an interest-free...
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Death Tax | Are The Amount Of Taxes Paid Causing Private Industry To Shrink?

Death Tax
The ongoing battle on Capitol Hill over the rate and extent of the inheritance and estate tax illustrates well, the very mixed feelings that both lawmakers and average Americans have about the principles behind taxing what hard workers leave to their family and friends. The so-called “Death Tax”, named for the levy that has ranged up to 55% on the inheritance that people pass onto others upon...
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