Should You Loan Money to Family?

loan money
Deciding whether to loan money to family is an increasingly common predicament. It may be a more regular occurrence for parents as more millennials move back home. However, this can also happen with parents or siblings.  What should you do? As with most situations involving your hard-earned money, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Before You Loan Money Here are some questions to ask: What...
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Save For a Rainy Day and Avoid the Pitfalls of Voluntary Servitude

Debt has become such a given in our culture that many of us take large amounts of it on without giving it a second thought. We Americans are born optimists, and we often buy now and plan to pay later, when we have advanced in our company and our paycheck is a little fatter. We no longer save for a rainy day; we buy in anticipation of many sunny days. Despite the nationwide slowdown in consumer spending,...
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