7 Reasons Texas Is The Nation’s Leader In Business AND Population Growth

Texas Is The Nation’s Leader
 Both the population and the economy of the state of Texas have been growing much faster than the US economy in general. In fact, in recent years, Texas has been the nation’s leader in business and population growth. Is this a coincidence? Hardly! There are at least seven reasons why this is true. And there could be lessons in those reasons for the rest of the country. Texas is like a slice of 19th...
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10 Great Tips For Selling On Ebay

Great Tips For Selling, ebay, selling
Photo courtesy of 123rf.com Ebay is a wonderful resource for people who are looking to make some money on the side. Of course, like any new business venture, there are a few tips that can help ensure your success. Here are some below: 1. Post Amazing Pictures No one will want to buy your one year old Polo shirt if the photo is fuzzy. Make sure you take them in bright, natural light. If that’s impossible,...
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Raising The Minimum Wage | Critical Effects On Businesses

In case you missed the State of The Union Address on Tuesday, like I intentionally did, you may have missed the mention of raising the Federal Minimum Wage to $9.00 per hour.  It got me to thinking, that there would be a great impact on businesses that are often over-looked by our friends in Washington.  Now, as we know many of them have never run so much as a lemonade stand, so they look at the...
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