The Best Credit Cards for Cash Back for Groceries

Best Credit Cards for Cash Back for Groceries
The price of groceries is soaring. “Food prices overall rose 4.6% since September 2020,” but “meats, poultry, fish, and eggs had the highest increase with a combined 10.5% increase” (USA Today). What is a person to do? You still need to buy groceries, and, unfortunately, your income likely hasn’t increased to cover the rising price of groceries. However, one technique to save some money...
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How to Spot and Avoid Credit Card Skimmers

Avoid Credit Card Skimmers
  Do you know how to spot and avoid credit card skimmers? These devices are responsible for a high amount of credit card and debit card fraud and identity theft. When attached to an ATM or any other card swiper device, these skimmers harvest account numbers, PINs, and other data. Many shoppers don’t know their credit card data has been compromised until it’s too late…unless they...
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Can Paying Your Bills on Time Increase Credit?

paying bills on time
  Can paying your bills on time increase credit? The short answer is yes, definitely. But there’s a catch. Before we get to that, it pays to understand why paying your bills on time works to improve your FICO scores and earn you access to more credit. Learn To Think Like A Lender Many people are mystified by their credit–they don’t understand what makes their FICO scores rise or fall,...
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What Are the Benefits of Increasing Your Credit Line?

What Are the Benefits of Increasing Your Credit Line
  What are the benefits of increasing your credit line? It might seem to go against some of the current prevailing advice about credit–use less credit, not more and reduce your credit card balances below 50 percent or better. For many, the idea of increasing your credit line seems counter-intuitive because the idea is to avoid spending more. But increasing your credit line can actually...
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Are You Making These Credit Mistakes?

Credit mistakes
  How many credit mistakes have I made in my life? Plenty. Missed payments, continued missed payments, not monitoring my credit, carrying balances that are too high…fixing all that can feel daunting at first. In fact, it can feel like an unattainable goal but I learned to ignore that feeling and press on. Are you making credit mistakes that can cost you more money than you should be paying?...
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