Simple Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

Your credit score is essential; however, many people neglect to work on or even understand their credit. Lenders use it to approve or deny your loans and low credit scores mean you will pay higher interest. In a nutshell, your credit score is the public record of your financial reliability. If you do not work on your credit score, you might spend thousands of dollars extra on your loans for cars,...
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Hacks that Will Erase Bad Credit Instantly

Hacks that Will Erase Bad Credit
Do you have bad credit? If so, you may be denied loans or pay a higher interest rate than those with a better credit score. If you know you will soon need a loan or need to rent an apartment or buy a home, you can try these hacks that will erase bad credit. However, remember, the more time you have to repair your credit, the better the results. Hacks that Will Erase Bad Credit Instantly If you’re...
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4 Free Ways To Protect Your Identity

Free Ways to Protect Your Identity
Nearly 12 years ago, I discovered that my identity was compromised, and someone had placed over $1,000 in fraudulent charges. I was upset and concerned, but in retrospect, I’m thankful it was such a small amount. The damage could have been much worse. The day I found out my identity was compromised, I immediately put on safeguards to protect my accounts. If you’d like to do the same, there are...
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How to Increase Your Credit Score Quickly

Increase Your Credit Score Quickly
If you’re in the market for a new home now that the interest rates are at historic lows, you may need to increase your credit score quickly. If you’re able to increase your credit score, you’ll be eligible for the lowest interest rates available. After all, the better your credit, the better loan terms you can get. If you have three to six months before buying, here’s how to improve your chances...
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Can Paying Your Bills on Time Increase Credit?

paying bills on time
  Can paying your bills on time increase credit? The short answer is yes, definitely. But there’s a catch. Before we get to that, it pays to understand why paying your bills on time works to improve your FICO scores and earn you access to more credit. Learn To Think Like A Lender Many people are mystified by their credit–they don’t understand what makes their FICO scores rise or fall,...
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