How to Spend a Tax Refund

Picture of money, the corner of a tax refund check, and a tax form.
This year, my husband and I were worried that we might owe taxes. Instead, to our surprise, we received a several thousand dollars refund. We have received our refunds and have the money sitting in our savings account until we decide how to spend a tax refund—we have so many options that would make good use of the money! Here’s what we’re considering: How We Might Spend a Tax Refund If we had...
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How to Recession-Proof Your Finances

If you think you can’t recession-proof your finances, then think again. The signs are all there of a looming economic downturn, but you can protect yourself. The key is to start now. What is Your Starting Point? First, you need to review your financial situation. Review all of your accounts, even those you thought you closed but didn’t. Write down your payments, their due dates, and their...
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