Do you need to tip a house painter?

When it is time to repaint, is it good etiquette to tip a house painter? Some people are more prone to tip, while others feel the base price should suffice for the work. Which is correct? A lot depends on the context of the work being done. Are you hiring on behalf of your boss? Or are you in need of a contractor or painting professional for your own home? For many service workers, a tip can do wonders...
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How to Spend a Tax Refund

Picture of money, the corner of a tax refund check, and a tax form.
This year, my husband and I were worried that we might owe taxes. Instead, to our surprise, we received a several thousand dollars refund. We have received our refunds and have the money sitting in our savings account until we decide how to spend a tax refund—we have so many options that would make good use of the money! Here’s what we’re considering: How We Might Spend a Tax Refund If we had...
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