Stay Alert and Avoid Job Scams: How to Spot the Red Flags and Protect Yourself

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Applying for a job is more complicated now than it used to be. Previously, you would find a job in newspaper advertisements, send your resume, and wait for a phone call to schedule an interview. Now, the process is more complicated, and you need to watch out for red flags of job scams. In the modern age, you post your resume online and find job openings virtually. While that makes the job search more...
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Searching For a Job Without Your Employer Knowing You’re Looking

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These days it often seems that it’s easier to get fired from a job than ever before. One way to get fired that’s almost certain is if and when your employer finds out that you’re looking for another job. This is usually considered to be an act of disloyalty to employer, subjecting you to instant termination. If you do begin a job search, it’s important that you do so without your employer knowing...
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