4 Smart Things to Do After Payday

If you’re a budgeting nerd like me, nothing beats payday. I derive such satisfaction from having a budget prepared and filling each line item on my budget with the incoming money from my paycheck. Money nerd, I know. But you don’t have to be a money nerd to take control of your finances in part by learning the smart things to do after payday. Some people may love payday because they have money...
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What Are the Disadvantages of Investing in an Annuity?

disadvantages of an annuity
  What are the disadvantages of investing in an annuity? First, let’s examine what we mean by “annuity”. Dividend.com describes annuities as saying a customer purchases an annuity plan using a single big payment or smaller sets of contributions. “The financial institution distributes money back to you for a certain time frame, depending on what kind of annuity you purchase. The money...
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How to Get Started With an Alternative Budget

budget alternative
We talk a lot about budgeting, but the truth is traditional budgets don’t work for everyone. They can be challenging to keep up and maintain, feel stifling and frustrate you more than they make you feel financially secure. Yes, budgets are not for everyone. So let’s talk about an alternative budget. Laying the Foundation for an Alternative Budget Essentially, the alternative budget that I’m...
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