Burned By The Residential Property Inspector

The Residential Property Inspector
Here that sizzle, that is me getting burned by a residential property inspector.  I’ll get to that in a moment, but first let me set the stage for my rant.  My rental farm, the one I harvested timber from, will soon have a new tenant, who will be moving in this Saturday.  I have to admit, I will be incredibly grateful to close the book on this transition.  My previous tenant who I will...
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Residential Property Inspectors, I Question Their Motives?

Oh, the struggles with selling a home!   We listed our house on March 1 and experienced an overwhelming amount of interest, having close to 75 agency showings in 45 days!   Sounds great huh?  Well it is, except for the fact that once they realized their was no basement in the house, most of them moved on to the next listing.  We did disclose the fact that the house didn’t have a basement,...
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