How We’re Learning to Travel for Free with Credit Card Points

Airplane taking off
This year, my husband will travel to Japan once by himself. Then, a few months later, our family of five will go to Japan. We knew this summer filled with two international vacations was an opportunity to learn how to travel for free with credit card points and airline miles. We could take these trips and accrue miles to vacation at some other destination later for cheap or free. Our Previous Credit...
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Why We’re Considering Travel Insurance

Man in an Airport Looking out at a plane landing
My husband and I have traveled to several continents, and never used travel insurance. However, we haven’t traveled internationally in approximately 20 years, and much has changed. This summer, we’re planning a trip to Japan, so for the first time, we’re considering travel insurance. Why We’re Considering Travel Insurance There are several reasons why we think travel insurance is a smart idea. Traveling...
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9 Things to Know Before You Sell Your Home for a Camper Van

Sell Your Home for a Camper Van
Who hasn’t thought of selling their home and traveling the country? When it’s cold in the Midwest, you can drive to the South. If you need a change of scenery, get on the road and drive. After all, living this lifestyle is easier than ever now because the pandemic made remote working so accessible. Romanticizing working anywhere while touring the United States is appealing, but before you sell...
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Best Financial Advice When You’re in Your 20s

Being in your twenties is an exciting time in life. By your mid-20s, you may have gotten your degree and gotten your first real job. You’re making more money than you have at any point in your life. In addition, you have freedom because you’ve moved away from home and may not yet be married and have kids. You are also likely to be healthy. This is one of the best periods of your life. However,...
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