17 Telltale Signs That Suggest Someone Isn’t Really a Good Person

You may have met someone recently and picked up a bad vibe around them. Something is telling you that they may not be who they seem, but you need some clarification on this. Here are 17 telltale signs that someone isn’t really a good person.

Disrespectful to Service Workers

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Is it just us, or are people not being very nice in public settings anymore? Time reports, “Americans appear to have forgotten their niceties, especially with those whose job it is to assist them.” Anyone disrespectful to service workers isn’t considered to be a good person. Along with being rude, they may even embarrass workers for personal gain.

Treats Vulnerable Societies Poorly

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Vulnerable societies don’t just include humans—for example, homeless people—but also animals. This shows that a person has a lack of respect for anyone or anything they deem “beneath them.” It reveals a person has no empathy, even for the disabled, young, or elderly.

Avoids Responsibility for Mistakes

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If you find that someone shifts blame onto others and has zero accountability, they may not be a good person. This also includes using excuses rather than apologies. A person can’t learn if they’re unable to admit when they’re in the wrong.

Belittles Your Accomplishments

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Diminishing your achievements is a telltale sign that someone isn’t a good person. It can show jealousy in a person or be a way for someone to assert their dominance over you. If a person does this, then it can be rooted in insecurity and low self-esteem.

Unkind to Those Who Can’t Offer Anything

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HackSpirit writes, “People who are only kind and respectful to those from whom they want something are not genuinely good people. They view kindness as a tool for personal gain rather than an inherent value.” This can really reveal the true character of a person.

Always Dishonest

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If you find that someone lies frequently, then don’t think they’re a good person. If they do this, it erodes trust. Someone may be lying purely for their own benefit. This character trait shows that someone is selfish and lacks moral standards.

Shows No Remorse

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Lacking empathy and accountability for actions can mean a person doesn’t have any remorse. It can even be a sign of deeper personality disorders, especially if they’re harming other people without any guilt. If you know someone who does this, then you may want to limit your relationship with them.


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Consistently failing to keep their commitments is another telltale sign that someone isn’t a good person. It shows a lack of respect for others’ time and shows that they’re not as important. It’s a huge character flaw and not one that you should have to put up with.

Engages in Manipulative Behavior

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Manipulative behavior can include using others for their own personal gain. A person may do this through tactics such as gaslighting or guilt-tripping. If someone does this, it’s because they desire power and control over others. Sometimes, you can be manipulated without even knowing it, so stay cautious, especially around those you don’t trust.

Overly Concerned with Appearing Good

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If you’ve noticed that a person is putting on a “nice guy” facade, but you know what they can be like, then it can be a sign that they aren’t a good person. It shows that they may hide any narcissistic tendencies, and while they may try to show that they care, everything they do is in vain.

Spills Secrets

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Someone who can’t keep a secret isn’t a good person and can’t be trusted. This is supported by Psychology Today, which writes, “If you can’t keep your friends’ secrets, the number of trusting friends you have may quickly diminish.” You may find that they also engage in negative gossip and use any information as a weapon.

Selective Kindness

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Selective kindness means that someone’s kindness depends solely on what they can get from you. A person may be cold to anyone that they can’t gain from or anyone they find unattractive or unuseful. It misrepresents genuine kindness, and you shouldn’t put up with someone using you.

Avoids Personal Growth

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If someone doesn’t want to grow as a person, then you should avoid them at all costs. This includes when a person doesn’t want to learn from their mistakes and shows no interest in improving. It shows they have a fixed mindset rather than a growth-oriented one.

Generosity as a Facade

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When a person acts generously, but it’s actually for personal gain or their own reputation, then it’s also a sign they aren’t a good person. This person will set boundaries, but only when it’s advantageous to them. True generosity is unconditional and empathetic, not about gain.

Always Criticizes Others

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Using criticism to control or belittle a person shows that someone isn’t a good person. It can reflect their own insecurities and show that they may have some underlying issues. If a person constantly does this, then it can create a negative and toxic environment, and that’s something you should avoid at all costs.


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If a person displays an inflated sense of self-importance, then it can mean they’re a narcissist. For example, Healthline says that “it is used to describe people who seem self-focused, concerned only for themselves, or manipulative of people in their lives.” You’ll want to steer clear of anyone like this.

Claims of Being Drama-Free

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If a person is always saying that they’re drama-free, then chances are they love drama. They will most likely make drama for themselves, even if it’s going to hurt others. It shows a lack of empathy, and making these claims can mask their true nature.

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