Tennessee Republican Burchett Says DC Should Be Called a ‘Sewer,’ Not a ‘Swamp’

Republican Representative Tim Burchett says Washington, D.C., should not be called a “swamp” because it gives actual wetlands a bad reputation. He said the word “sewer” was more befitting for the nation’s capital.

Holy swamps

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The Tennessee Republican recently told conservative media outlet Real America’s Voice: “I wish people would quit calling it a swamp. A swamp is actually something God created that actually works.”

Rotten to the core

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“It actually filters water. It has an input and an output… It really is an open sewer, is what Washington, D.C., is. And everything that comes out of it is basically from a sewer.”

Campaign pledge

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Former President Donald Trump further popularized the long-utilized term “drain the swamp” about D.C. as a campaign promise during his 2016 White House bid. The term refers to clearing the district’s corrupt and unethical career politicians.

DeSantis calls out Trump

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In August 2023, Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis argued that the “swamp got worse” during Donald Trump’s presidency. DeSantis added that Trump “had people in power who were not getting the job done.”

Longstanding myth

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According to the Smithsonian Magazine, Washington was actually “built on a firm and dry riverbank.” But the “myth” that it was built on top of a swamp will “never go away.”

Making money off the swamp

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Burchett’s preference for describing D.C. as a “sewer” appears to be a recent development. The Tennessee Republican’s congressional campaign store sells “Drain the Swamp” stickers featuring a creature resembling Bigfoot descending on the Capitol.

Epstein’s list

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Burchett made the comments when discussing the recent release of court documents that named dozens of high-profile people connected to Jeffrey Epstein.

Burchett will call out Epstein associates

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The Tennessee lawmaker said that if any of his Capitol Hill colleagues are on the list, he plans to call them out by name on the House floor. He added that former president Bill Clinton is the “sacrificial lamb” on Epstein’s list.

The public will never get the whole truth

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Burchett added that he believed the real offenders were named in a list Epstein compiled himself, arguing, “That’s what the public needs to see, and that’s what we will never, ever see.”


Photo Credit: lev radin/Shutterstock.

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