‘That’s Not Even a Question’: Kinzinger Says He’d Vote for Biden Over Trump ‘In a Heartbeat’

Former Illinois GOP Representative Adam Kinzinger said he would vote for President Joe Biden if he faces Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in a rematch this year. The former lawmaker had backed Chris Christie and said he no longer believed in the GOP but admired Nikki Haley.

Christie drops out

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Kinzinger, a vocal Trump critic, commented in response to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins’s question of whom he would support now that Chris Christie, his preferred GOP candidate, has dropped out of the race.

Honest Christie

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Kinzinger said last November, “I like Chris Christie. I would support Chris Christie because he’s telling the truth. And I think, for me, anybody that tells the truth, that’s important at this moment.”

Haley and DeSantis debate

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Former New Jersey governor Christie suspended his campaign just hours before Florida governor Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley debated on CNN. Trump, the clear frontrunner, again skipped the debate to attend a Fox News town hall in Iowa.

America over GOP

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“Look, I think it’s highly likely that it’s going to be Biden against Trump,” Kinzinger told Collins. “And in that case, there is no question who I would support. I believe in America way more than I believe in the Republican Party.”

Anything but Trump

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“I don’t really believe in the Republican Party at the moment. I hope Nikki wins New Hampshire. I hope that leads to some momentum. Anything to beat Donald Trump, but I’m not gonna go out and aggressively campaign for her or anything like that.”

Haley catching up to Trump

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According to a recent Decision Desk HQ/The Hill aggregate of polls, Haley has been narrowing Trump’s lead in New Hampshire. Trump currently has 42 percent support, while Haley has 30.9 percent, and the numbers will likely change due to Christie dropping out of the race.

A vote for democracy

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When asked if he would vote for Biden, Kinzinger replied, “Over Donald Trump? In a heartbeat. To me, that’s not even a question I would have to wrestle with… It is literally a decision at that moment between, do you believe in a functioning democracy or do you not? And I think that’s the only thing on the ballot.”

Crybaby Trump

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Kinzinger served on the January 6. Committee before leaving office, and said Trump has been clear about not caring for the U.S. Constitution. He claimed Trump “whines incessantly” and is “always” playing the victim.

Biden’s no dictator

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The former representative said the U.S. is exhausted and “can’t take that for another four years.” Although he disagrees with Biden on several issues, if it were a choice between Trump and Biden on the ticket in November, Biden would earn Kinzinger’s vote because “he doesn’t hate democracy.”

Trump’s legal woes

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Trump is currently facing 91 criminal charges over four cases. In two of the cases, he is being prosecuted for his attempt to overturn the result of the 2020 election, which he falsely claimed was rigged to favor Biden.


Photo Credit: Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock.com.

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