The Cost of Superbowl Ads by Network

On Superbowl Sunday, football lovers have a lot on their mind. Between preparing game day food, picking up enough beer for their guests, and stressing out over their team’s chances of winning, it’s really no wonder that most people don’t spend all that much time thinking about the cost of Superbowl ads.

Sure, you probably get a good laugh out of the most popular ads each year,

but when it comes to the money it took to make those ads available for your viewing pleasure, most of us are pretty clueless.

So, how much do Superbowl ads really cost, you ask? Well, it kind of depends on where the ad runs. But here’s a breakdown by network.


According to Fortune, a whopping 111.3 million people tuned into Fox to watch the Super Bowl in 2017. And with so great a reach, it’s really no surprise that Fox is the most expensive network for brands seeking to buy ad space. Brands who choose to run their Super Bowl ads on Fox can expect to shell out about $0.0355 per view. Now, at first glance $0.0355 may not seem like allthat much, but when you multiply that by over a hundred million (viewers), it adds up very quickly.


Though Fox is the most expensive network when it comes to taking out Super Bowl Sunday ads, broadcasting on another network, like NBC, will still come with a hefty price tag. Brands who advertise on NBC end up paying about $0.0308 per viewer, or about $0.0047 less than Fox. But how much does this rate really amount to, you ask? Well, it depends. Amazon, the e-commerce company responsible for the most popular Super Bowl ad of the year in 2016,  paid $183,333 per second for the Alexa ad they ran. This amounted to a grand total of close to $17 million. 


After Fox and NBC, CBS is the third most expensive television network for broadcasting Super Bowl ads. Brands who take out Super Bowl Sunday ads on CBS can expect to pay $0.0197 per viewer, which is about half of what they might pay on Fox.

$0.0197 per viewer might sound like a steal relatively speaking, but this rate still amounts to more than you might think. If you watched the SuperBowl on CBS back in 2015, you might’ve seen a Toyota ad, which turned out to be the most popular ad that year. But, even if you saw it,  you probably weren’t thinking about the cost of this ad at the time. And it turns out that this 60-second ad came with 4.5 million price tag– and just think… that was four years ago!


Although ABC is the least expensive of the major tv networks when it comes to buying Superbowl Sunday ad space, brands interested in placing ads on the network should still be willing to shell out  $0.0184 per viewer on average. Back in 2005, it cost Subway over $2 million to run a short, 30-second ad during the Super Bowl. This might seem like a lot, even for 2005, but it’s important to note that the commercial reached over 86 million viewers. So, even if only a slither of those viewers began regularly “eating fresh,” this may have been money well spent.

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