The Financial Benefits of Residential Fencing

If you want to finance a new fencing project, it’s worth knowing the financial benefits of residential fencing. If you’re interested in increasing the value of your home and improving its aesthetic appeal, a fence can be an easy way to do that. Fencing can also help keep away unwanted visitors and increase security. A secure yard is more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future! Below, we’ll take a look at these and more benefits of installing a residential fence, and why you might want to finance this home project.

Better ROI

Installing a fence has an average ROI of 65 percent. This means you can finance your project and rest assured that it will likely bring in a return on investment. Not only that, but you can choose from a variety of materials and styles to find something that fits your budget as well as your needs. For those that want to sell their home, a fence can be an attractive feature and increase its value. A new fence can add thousands to the sale price of homes in certain areas.

Instead of wasting money on low-value home improvement projects, a fence is one that you can be sure will add value to your property. In addition, a fence can also be an attractive feature that adds curb appeal to your home.

Increased Security

A fence can help increase the security of your property, not only from intruders but also from wild animals or stray pets. Almost 70 percent of U.S. households own a pet. Losing a pet can not only be emotionally trying but also an expensive endeavor. From paying for pet recovery services to purchasing a new pet, you can help reduce the chance of this happening by having a secure fence in place. Consider taking into account the height and overall strength of your fence when making this investment.

For added security, you can also combine automated gates with your fence to give you an extra layer of protection. In addition, you can look into alarm systems and cameras that integrate with your fence.


A secure fence can also help provide privacy from your neighbors, which is especially important in densely populated areas. A fence can also help keep out noise, dust, and other debris from getting into your yard that you don’t want there. With burglars casing out neighborhoods, it’s important to also consider a secure fence that won’t be an easy target for potential intruders.

In addition, you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors in your backyard and not have to worry about other people or cars driving by. For parents with children, this makes for an even more secure environment. Instead of wasting money on privacy screens, a fence can give you the same effect plus much more security at a fraction of the cost and can last much longer.

Curbside Appeal

A new fence is a great way to add curb appeal and boost the aesthetic of your home. With so many styles and materials on the market today, you can find something unique and attractive that will enhance your home. With the American house painting and decorating industry growing by almost four percent between 2017 and 2022, it’s no secret more homeowners want to spruce up their homes and make them look attractive from the outside.

Added curb appeal can make it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves living in your home, making a sale more likely. In addition, it’s a quick way to improve the curb appeal of your home without having to splurge on a complete renovation.

Overall, there are many financial benefits of residential fencing that make it worth financing. From increasing the return on investment and value of your property to providing increased security and privacy, these are just some of the reasons why you should consider installing a fence in your backyard. With the right product, you can have a secure and attractive fence that lasts for years to come.