The Lasting Impact of Boomers: 18 Things That Will Be Lost Forever

Each generation has a big impact on society, and it can be argued that boomers have had one of the biggest ever. Boomers can be creatures of habit and like to stick to what they know. Here are 18 things boomers used that may in the future be lost forever.

Traditional Cable TV Package

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According to DIGITAL CONTENT NEXT, “A staggering 75% of respondents report that they canceled their traditional cable or satellite TV subscriptions in favor of streaming services.” With boomers being the main viewers of cable TV, it’s likely not to be around when boomers are no longer here.

Landline Phones

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Thanks to the evolution of technology, we now have mobile phones. This saw the use of landline phones reduced, as people can now be contacted from anywhere, not just their homes. Landlines are still used by some boomers, but once that generation fades out, so will these phones.

Paper Maps

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In today’s day and age, it’s hard for some to believe the importance paper maps used to have. Before technology came along, it was important to plan your trip thoroughly on a paper map to avoid getting lost. Now that GPS is available on our phones, maps only seem to be used by boomers. 

Standalone GPS Devices

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Standalone GPS devices saw the transition from paper maps to digital ones. At one point, they were the go-to gadget everyone was purchasing. However, with GPS systems on your smartphones and built into vehicles, they’re not needed. Some boomers still use them if they don’t have a smartphone.

Physical Newspapers

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Younger generations have no interest in going to the store to buy a physical newspaper that reports yesterday’s news. Why would they, when they can go online to the newspaper websites and get the news for free and in the moment? Boomers still prefer the traditional way of reading newspapers, which will be sure to fade out. 

VHS Tapes

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According to FilmTrack, “When VHS was introduced in 1977 and DVDs burst onto the scene 20 years later, consumers were presented with the first viable alternatives to a movie theater.” Today, people use streaming services to have access to multiple movies at once. This has seen VHS tapes almost go extinct, apart from the few boomers who may still use them.


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Before the digital world, typewriters were a key tool to be able to record various communications at a faster pace than writing. It was a skill many boomers learned, and it was even taught at some schools. Boomers still cherish them now, but younger generations have no use for them.

Film Cameras

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The emergence of the film camera captivated society. Being able to capture things in the moment and look back on those memories was special for boomers. Technology has continued to grow, and with cameras on smartphones and people being able to record on them, film cameras are no longer as attractive as they used to be.

Smoking in Public Places

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Boomers grew up in an era where it was normal to smoke anywhere in public. This is hard to believe now, as many places across the world don’t allow people to smoke indoors. Younger generations are also opting out of the once-social norm of smoking due to a clearer understanding of the harm it can cause.

China Cabinets

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China cabinets have been a popular purchase for boomer households over the years. They were once a trend and popular due to storage space. However, other generations are now more focused on practicality and opt for more simplistic designs in furniture that don’t take up as much space.


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According to Walden University, checks could be extinct as soon as 2026. The number of checks drops each year by a whopping 1.8 billion. With the ease of online transactions, this is no surprise. They’re much quicker than checks, and you don’t have to visit a bank to send money.

Formal Business Attire

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Formal business attire was once one of the highest priorities. Boomers care highly about their appearance, and wearing business attire was seen as professional. With younger generations, these views are not shared and many employers believe comfortable attire is best for employees to work in.

Physical Bank Branches

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With the continued growth of digital money, it’s likely that one day physical bank branches will no longer exist. Younger generations rarely use them as they can do everything online, including talking to bank clerks if they require support. Boomers still prefer face-to-face interactions, but once the generation has faded, it’s likely physical branches won’t have customers.

Formal Dinnerware

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Formal dinnerware has been used by boomers throughout their lives. It has been a way to express the importance of a special occasion. Younger generations don’t see the importance and opt for casual dinnerware, making it unlikely in years to come that manufacturers will have the customers to provide for.

Analog Radios

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The Guardian reports, “The proportion of in-home radio listening via digital platforms such as digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radios grew to 46.2% in the final three months of last year, overtaking analogue (45.6%).” Like with most things, digital is taking over, and people prefer DAB radios to listen to their music.

Working in the Office

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In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in working from home. Younger generations prefer it and have proven they can still be productive. Boomers still prefer to come into the office to socialize with colleagues, but there’s a good chance that once the boomer generation retires, so will working from the office.

Rotary Clotheslines

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There once was a time when the only way you could dry your clothes was by hanging them outside on rotary lines. Boomers still prefer this method. However, the younger generation tends to opt for indoor drying methods. These include the use of dryers and electrical heaters.

Home Milk Delivery Services

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Getting your milk delivered to your house was a normal thing for boomers to do. Surprisingly, although more time-efficient, younger generations prefer to go to the store for their milk. Younger generations now opt for various different types of milk instead of the more traditional cow’s milk that milkmen would provide.

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