These 18 Things Don’t Cost Much But Will Make Your Life Way Easier

We could all use a little help in our daily routines. Whether it’s making sure you’re prepared for the unexpected or better organizing your space, these 18 items can make your day-to-day life significantly easier without breaking the bank.

Magnetic Key Holder

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Installing a small magnetic key holder by the door will make sure you never end up running around the house looking for the keys in a panic again. They come in various styles to fit in with your décor and can be easily installed using adhesive strips or screws.

Programmable Thermostat

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According to the Department of Energy, “You can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling by simply turning your thermostat back 7°–10°F for 8 hours a day from its normal setting.” You can even consider a smart or Wi-Fi option that allows you to monitor the temperature of your home while you’re out and about.

Cable Organizer Clips

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Using these clips can help keep your TV area, bedside table, and workspace neat. They usually come with adhesive backs, so you can simply stick them onto your surface, allowing you to feed your wires through and reducing the risk of a tangled mess.

Motion-Sensor Night Lights

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You might not want to turn the main light on when you get up at night, but you don’t want to risk falling or tripping in the dark. These motion sensor lights are the perfect solution, as they provide a dim light when they detect motion.

Reusable Grocery Bags

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It’s important to reduce our waste wherever we can, and by making the switch to reusable bags, you can cut down on a significant amount of plastic. There’s a huge variety to choose from; we recommend selecting a couple of standard bags, a folding one to keep on hand, and an insulated one for frozen and refrigerated items.

Drawer Dividers

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New York Magazine says that “getting a drawer organizer or dividers is the easiest fix, whether you’re corralling pens and batteries, kitchen utensils, or underwear and socks.” Choose adjustable ones that you can change around to fit your space, and use them to categorize each of your items.

Electric Milk Frother

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Buying a coffee each time you head out in the morning adds up. Save yourself some money in the long run by investing in an electric milk frother so you can create rich, foamy coffees at home. It can also be used for hot chocolates, milkshakes, or matcha.

Spice Rack

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Keeping all of your spices in a well-organized rack helps to ensure they’re all within easy reach while you’re cooking. Depending on your space, you could opt for a countertop version or a magnetic rack for your fridge door. There are plenty of styles, so you can find a rack that fits in with the rest of your décor.

Sticky Notes

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You probably have them on your desk, but a stack of sticky notes is great around the house, too. These are perfect for leaving notes or setting yourself a reminder, as well as labeling items or organizing documents. Choose ones with extra-strong adhesive so they stick well.

Digital Timer

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You might use the one on your phone, but having a separate digital timer is great for keeping yourself focused during study sessions or interval training workouts, as it means you can put your phone away and won’t get distracted. You can get ones with large displays so that you don’t have to unlock your phone to see the countdown, too.

Shower Caddy

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Storing your most regularly used products in a shower caddy means they’re always within easy reach, and you won’t have to run across the room to get them once you’re in the shower. Stainless steel or plastic versions are best, as they hold up against water damage.

Label Maker

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Labeling your jars and storage containers helps you see exactly what you’ve got right away. This will save you money in the supermarket, and you can also use it to add use-by dates to produce so it doesn’t end up going to waste.

Over-the-Door Hooks

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If you’re short on storage space, using over-the-door hooks is a renter-friendly way to hang clothing, bags, and accessories. Apartment Therapy recommends you hang them on the inside of wardrobe doors to add extra space “without having to drill extra shelves or a hanging rod into your closet.”

Water Bottle with Time Marker

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Drinking enough water is so important for our skin health, digestion, and energy levels, but it can be hard to keep on top of. Having time markers on the side of your bottle will help keep you accountable. Choose BPA-free plastic, glass, or stainless steel for the healthiest options.

Battery Organizer

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Storing your batteries properly can help extend their lives as well as reduce the risk of leaks. Choose an organizer with space for all the sizes of batteries you like to keep on hand and store it in a cool, dry place to ensure the batteries are most effective.

Silicone Baking Mats

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Silicone mats are a great option for those who love to bake, as they eliminate the need for baking spray or parchment paper. The Kitchn says that a single mat could have “more than 2,000 uses in the oven before it starts to show signs of age.” They’re also dishwasher safe, making the cleanup easy.

Bedside Shelf

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Even if you don’t have a lot of space on either side of your bed, adding a small shelf will help you keep your essential belongings organized. You could consider adding a small basket to hold your book, phone, and glasses, and some even come with built-in cable clips to keep everything neat.

Compact Umbrella

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Getting caught in a rain shower can be pretty miserable, especially if you’re planning on being out all day. Get prepared by storing a compact umbrella in your bag. You can choose one that is windproof so you avoid it turning inside out on a breezy day.

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