17 Things Boomers Love That No One Understands Why

Boomers are a generation with certain quirks and interests that younger generations sometimes don’t understand. From their love for certain (questionable) fashion choices to their preference for old-school practices, this article shares exactly what makes them tick that others are baffled by.

Home Shopping Networks

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As odd as it may be to us, boomers seem to love home shopping channels like QVC, despite the convenience and ease of online shopping. Many of them simply enjoy watching these networks, finding the enthusiasm and persistent selling tactics strangely comforting.

Ironing Everything

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While younger generations either use modern steamers, dry-cleaning services, or just throw their clothes on straight from the dryer, boomers tend to opt for the traditional iron. It may be time-consuming but they supposedly find it gratifying, taking great pride in looking well put together.

Reading Newspapers

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As told by the Pew Research Center, “Newspapers are a critical part of the American news landscape, but they have been hit hard as more and more Americans consume news digitally.” Fortunately, the experience of reading a physical newspaper is irreplaceable for many boomers, who like to do so with a morning coffee.

Cop Dramas

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Shows like Law and Order and NCIS are staples of boomer entertainment, though the rest of the population gave up on them years ago. Perhaps it’s the consistency and predictability of these shows that keep drawing boomers in, or the familiar formats and recurring themes.

Going to Church Regularly

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Church provides a sense of community, interaction, and spiritual fulfillment for the older generation, a practice that they often inherited from their parents and grandparents. Younger generations don’t tend to do so these days, and so they can’t fathom why they like it so much.


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Of course, everyone cooks—but boomers seem to have a real passion for it, often taking great pride in cooking traditional recipes and ensuring everything is homemade. Preparing meals is seen as an act of love towards their family and friends, and many find cooking a relaxing and fulfilling hobby.

Tie-Dye Fashion

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According to L’Officiel, tie-dye clothing became extremely popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s, right about the time when boomers would have been growing up. While millennials and Gen Z don’t see the appeal, lots of boomers still find it stylish, reflecting the free-spirited culture of their youth.

Classic Rock

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Bands like The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac remain favorites for many boomers despite no longer being that popular or well-known among younger generations. Why do they love this style of music? Perhaps because it evokes memories of their own formative years.

House Plants

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Boomers seem to have a real love for house plants, much more so than those younger than them. They tend to appreciate the aesthetic and air-purifying qualities of these plants, plus tending to them provides them with a sense of responsibility and joy.

Bell Bottoms

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For the life of us, we can’t understand why boomers love bell-bottom jeans so much, but this style seems to be popular among them once more. It could be because these bottoms remind them of their youth, or maybe they think the fit is flattering for their bodies. Either way, so long as they’re happy, right?

Writing Checks

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A study conducted by FinanceBuzz showed that about 65% of boomers still use personal checks, whereas just 38% of millennials and 21% of Gen Z do the same. Despite younger generations finding digital transactions much easier, boomers seem to be more comfortable with checks (and are also resistant to change).

Phone Books

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While there are now much easier ways to find people’s contact details, boomers still seem to prefer physical phone books. They’re often reluctant to switch to online directories and place more trust in the physical ones. Perhaps these books bring back fond memories for them!

Workplace Loyalty

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Younger generations hop around between jobs, not hesitating to leave behind one company for another if it benefits them. Boomers, however, value the idea of staying with one employer for many years, which baffles others. They see long-term commitment as a sign of character and reliability.

Excessive Ellipses

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Why, oh, why do boomers love to use ellipses all the time? It’s thought that they do so to imply continued thought or a trailing off in casual digital communication, but it also seems to be used sporadically. This also leads to confusion among younger people who interpret the punctuation differently.

Rejecting Climate Change

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“While 67% of Gen Zers are worried about the impact of climate change on their mental health, only 42% of Baby Boomers are somewhat or very concerned,” as per Climate 360 News. In fact, many even show skepticism towards new scientific consensus, like climate change, as a whole—and they love to debate it!

Conspiracy Theories

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It’s no secret that older individuals are sometimes more susceptible to misinformation, especially via platforms like Facebook. As many boomers are now retired, they also seem to spend much of their time scrolling and watching videos on conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, they often end up believing even the most outlandish of theories. 

Corporal Punishment

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Older generations are more likely to view corporal punishment as an acceptable form of discipline, despite the fact that it’s now widely frowned upon by younger parents. They’re often fierce advocates for this, so don’t be surprised if you hear your grandma telling you there’s nothing wrong with a smack on the bottom!

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