17 Things Gen Z Want to Change About Society

As one of the younger generations, Gen Z has been able to see negative aspects of society that previous generations might not have been able to. This has caused them to want to make a significant change. Here are 17 things Gen Z wants to change about society.

Climate Change

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Gen Z wants to ensure they’re doing their part to help protect the planet against climate change. This is supported by the Economist Impact, which writes, “Gen Z is among the generations most concerned with climate change. In fact, a Pew Research report found that 76% of US Gen Zers consider climate change to be one of their biggest concerns.”

Mental Health Awareness

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There has been a rising concern over mental health issues, and Gen Z wants to do everything they can to help people in need. There have been efforts put in place to destigmatize mental health and give a person better access to facilities if they feel they need help.

Racial and Gender Equity

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Gen Z has actively participated in social movements to try and address the inequalities of race and gender. They’ve massively pushed for inclusivity across all sectors of society, and they aren’t planning to ease up until they’ve seen the necessary changes. They want to see systematic changes, such as in the workplace, where everyone has equality.

Gun Control

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Gen Z cares more about gun control compared to anything else in society. For example, Project Unloaded writes, “When asked to rank gun violence among other problems, the majority of young people (51%) said it was an important problem.” Gen Z is playing a huge role in reshaping gun violence.

Economic Security

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Gen Z has large concerns over job prospects, rising education costs, and affordable housing. They’re advocating for policies that help to give employees economic stability while also providing a work-life balance. Gen Z is also more likely to opt for entrepreneurial careers, as it means they’re more in control of their work-life balance.

Education Reform

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Gen Z wants society to provide more interactive ways of learning that are more immersive, compared to traditional methods. This has mainly come from the impact of the pandemic, where many classes were taught online. It also allows education to be more accessible and can have lower price points attached to it.

Healthcare Accessibility

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Gen Z Health writes, “Gen Z may not want to go back to the office full time, but when it comes to healthcare, they value in-person care.” Gen Z wants comprehensive healthcare, and that involves receiving a quality service where they can see a doctor when they need to.

Digital Privacy

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Gen Z has huge concerns over data privacy, cyberbullying, and social media affecting a person’s mental health. This generation wants to see more done in regards to stronger online regulations that will protect personal data. They believe there should be a balance between enjoying digital media and keeping safe.

Workplace Diversity

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Gen Z expects workplaces to be socially diverse and to have inclusive environments. Hiring practices should incorporate equality, especially when it comes to pay and opportunities to advance. There should be a sense of corporate social responsibility, with companies looking to drive change through their workplace.

Social Media for Social Good

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One of the advantages of social media is that it can be used to advocate for change. For example, Eyes on Europe writes, “The rise of social media has established itself as a potent instrument for activism.” Gen Z has found there’s a power behind digital activism as they can engage with users across the world.

Sustainable Consumerism

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Gen Z is looking for a change in ethical production practices by promoting the use of sustainable products. They support brands that show they’re eco-friendly, whether that’s with how they produce their products or package them. This leads them to reject fast fashion as they opt for zero-waste lifestyles.

Innovation in Renewable Energy

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Gen Z wants society to increase its use of renewable energy. As technology keeps improving, they believe it means there’s more room for renewable energy resources to be developed. Gen Z supports policies that prefer to use green energy and don’t completely rely on fossil fuels.

Political Engagement

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Gen Z wants to ensure that everyone has access to voting and understands what they’re voting for. This is because in the last election, according to NPR, one-third of voters wished they’d known more about the candidates. Gen Z believes voting is an important decision, and therefore, they require the necessary information to make an informed decision.

LGBTQ+ Rights

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Gen Z will keep fighting for equal rights across the LGBTQ+ community. They believe it’s important that society create inclusive policies that recognize and support LGBTQ+ rights. Gen Z agrees there’s huge importance in promoting understanding in society, as this will make the LGBTQ+ community more visible.

Criminal Justice Reform

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Gen Z wants society to change the criminal justice system. This generation believes there should be more comprehensive reforms to address systemic injustices. They believe that there’s an importance to rehabilitation, restorative justice, and alternative methods compared to jail time. They’re also calling for an end to police brutality and racial profiling.

Sustainable Agriculture

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Agri Pulse writes, “The influence wielded by Gen Z demands those of us connected to food and agriculture to rethink how food is grown and produced.” Gen Z prefers to support local food businesses, organic agriculture, and the reduction of food waste. According to Gen Z, supporting local agriculture will have a positive impact on the environment.

Public Transportation

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Gen Z wants to see more accessible public transportation links, whether that’s in cities or small towns. They see this as important, as it will help create a sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions. Having better public transportation may inspire people to decrease the use of their own private vehicles.

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